Lovessa/Russian-brides-club scam

by David
(Salt Lake City, Utah)

Russian Brides Club is one of the cheaper sites when you consider they have a pay-to-read business model. There are at least 3 sites owned by Russian Brides Club one being Lovessa. I forgot the other one. I have noticed that they are very similar to AnastasiaDate and have found myself wondering if they are owned by the same company. I have noticed numerous girls on both sites. The problems that are similar are these:

1) Most of the women refuse to talk to you without the agency being involved. If you find them on VK or even exchange contact information after 15 emails, they will almost never write to you, unless it is through the agency. This suggests that like Anastasia date, the women are getting paid.

2) The excuses they give for not talking to you outside of the agency are all similar and generic. It sounds as if they have been coached. Common ones being they need a translator, which is a joke because their translations are often flawed and you can get almost as good with google translate. Another one is safety or wanting to take it slow, which it isn't any more safe than email and it isn't any faster relationship wise.

3) Bots or employees are writing most of the letters. Take a look at this picture screenshot.

  1. Notice how 3 letters came almost 4 minutes apart and they all start with "sweet" what are the odds that 3 women in different parts of Ukraine all with "sweet" at the beginning of their name decided to write little ole me within a period of ten minutes. When you look at the entire morning 5 people with a name beginning with "sweet" wrote me within an hour.

  2. Look at how many in a two hour time frame had the end that says "forYou".

  3. An additional 2 even had "treasure" in their name.

This is not a natural pattern. Earlier in my time I had 4 girls write me on the same day and they were all professional dancers. Lets keep it real. Women aren't writing these letters.

Compare this to just having a profile on I started liking pictures of Ukrainian women who were actively searching. Within a week I have had numerous video chats with me. Something I have yet to accomplish after spending several thousand dollars with Russian Brides Club.

Avoid this service like its the plague, it is another Anastasia Date without all the hoopla.

Bob's Answer:

Thanks for your thoroughly substantiated and reasoned review! I have never had any exposure to this site, but most pay-per-letter operations are variations of this theme... The women write only through the site (where you pay for every letter) and have all kinds of lame excuses why they can't communicate off-site.

And all the observations you make about the similarity of the women's user names... I would doubt it's an automated bot, but probably one girl (probably employee) operates multiple similar user IDs.

Either way, you KNOW something is fishy here!

And for everyone who isn't as analytical as this and willing to do the research: If you are paying for each letter or "chat", you're probably dealing with something almost exactly like this.

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