Many Russian Embassies have Closed

by Mark

If you're at the middle or end of the K-1 process know that all the offices for K-1 interviews have closed except Moscow.

And it's been moved to a nearby building. When she pays for her interview what took a day or two; (To get an interview) is now a few weeks.

And don't plan to send her to the doctor, and then the interview in one trip. This was possible in the past but now it's a bust.

She needs to see doctor in Moscow fast as possible. Then apply for interview. We got first interview date in 5-7 days from paying the fee. She went on to the doctor and opted for a latter date per interview. This took about a month. She called them 3 days a week.

She was often told to just watch her travel doc box often. Call every other day and a few people working will take her information and bamm; she got her interview date the next day.

No problem but; Don't expect the same timeline as listed in past for these last phases of getting her visa approved. They're understaffed, and over worked. So don't relax at all one you and she are at this point. I think there where five offices, now just one.

P.S. My Natasha's Visa was approved today. From initial filling, and one RFE our total time is about one year. A bit more counting her time to receive the visa and us orchestrating her flight to the U.S.

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