Meet a Lady in Kazan

by Sam
(New York)

I have been sending email back and forth to a lady from Kazan. She has not asked for any money in the almost 3 months we have been talking.

She did send me a letter as she called it (email) that they had hired a new director for the hair salon where she works. They were having problems getting along, she has given her 2 week notice. But she still has not asked for money.

Now she has said she wants to come over here and that she will look into what she has to do to come over here, which I said was ok with me.

I guess my question is what are the chances of her coming over here?

Should I go see her over there? If so, what about getting scammed? Would I need an interpreter? I believe she said she could speak a little English. I believe she is 42 or around there.

If I go over there do i need to worry about getting robbed?

Is there paperwork I need to do that would help let her come over here.

Bob's Answer:

"Asking for money" is not the hallmark of a scammer. They're usually much smarter than that. Usually that kind of scam comes more in the form of "I have a friend who can get me a visa to visit your country and I want to see you, please send $2000 for airfare".

Or, the more slick version is "I have a visa to visit your country and will pay for my flight... please just pick me up at the airport", then, at the last minute, "Oh no, I'm at the airport and there is a problem... I need to pay a special fee and haven't got the money... Please wire me $400..."

BUT, your story hasn't yet triggered my "scam radar".

Now to your other questions.

The chances of her coming over here are near 0% unless it is on a K-1 (Fiancee) Visa. And one of the requirements for the U.S. government issuing a Fiancee Visa is that you show evidence proving that you have met your fiancee in person in the past two years.

The "paperwork"... The fiancee visa requires LOTS of paperwork, and it's a pain in the rear. You wouldn't do it unless you really knew you wanted to marry this lady.

If you are serious about her, you need to go there or meet in another location where you can both travel without trouble. But for many reasons meeting in the lady's city is the best option by far.

I've never been to Kazan, but I'm sure it's similar to other Russian cities, and the chances of being robbed are pretty low. And the chances of being scammed are also pretty low IF you follow the advice at Russian Dating Scams (click on every link from that page). Pay special attention to the advice at
Avoiding Russian Women Scams.

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More information
by: Sam

I received another email from the Russian lady in Kazan. She has hired a agency which she says handles everything. I assume it is a travel agency? She said she is getting her health certificate which I understand is normal. She asked for my full name and address and the closest airport, which i gave her. She said that the agency needed the information (I hope that was not a mistake). She still hasn't asked for money. She said she is going to pay for all of it.

Is it easier for her to come here through a agency?

I guess I will let her try to come here and if that falls through I will go over there?

[Bob's Answer:]

This fits exactly what I said above... She supposedly can get the visa on her own and pay for the visa and travel, but at the last minute she'll have a cash flow crisis.... "My mom was going to wire me the money to pay for my ticket, but she did not make it to the bank in time before it closed for the weekend..."

I have heard of agencies there that handle everything. They're not just travel agencies though. They are agencies which create/provide all the documents needed to obtain a visa (they CREATE fraudulent documents proving income, property, health, etc.).

But this girl is surely a fraud.

Here's what I recommend... Play along (as you are doing). If she shows up without needing any last minute emergency cash, great (I wouldn't hold out any hope for that). But if she does come up with a last minute emergency cash need then you know she's a scammer and you should discontinue any contact with her and forget about visiting her.

If that's the case, re-read my whole site and start from the beginning and find a real Russian/Ukrainian lady.

by: Sam

Thank you for your advice. I hope you are wrong, but it doesn't sound like it. Thank you

[Bob's Answer:]

You're welcome. And I hope I'm wrong too, but if not, there are plenty of worthwhile honest women there.

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