Most of the Russian dating sites are just a big con

by Mark


I used Russian dating sites or agencies only to find that most of them are only interested in getting your card numbers. This needs to be stopped, and if they are not then the banks should pay you back the money you lose. That will make banks think twice about being payment processors for those sites.

Bob's Answer:

Well, based on my reviews you can see that I agree with you that many are con artists. You can look at my reviews and guess which ones. But you can also see from my reviews that there are good sites out there who run honest businesses.

But your suggestion that you seek refunds from banks probably won't do any good. For example, what are you going to say? Assuming you can speak to a live person at a bank instead of just completing an online form, I can imagine the conversation going something like this:

Bank:So did you enter your bank info and click "Purchase" on the site?
Bank:Did you receive letters from ladies as the site promised?
Bank:Isn't that what you paid for?
You:Yes, but I don't believe the ladies are the ones writing.
Bank:How do you know?
You:Because I contacted the same girl on another site and she didn't know me.
Bank:How do you know the girl on the other site was "real"? Maybe the other site stole the profile.

Clearly this is a losing battle. You could never sufficiently prove wrongdoing.

But it really isn't nearly as complicated as you think... and I really cannot say this enough (it's part of almost every answer I provide): DO NOT USE PAY-PER-LETTER SERVICES, ever, no matter how young and hot the girl!

Further, stick to the sites and suggestions I make.

THAT good application of common sense would go much further toward avoiding scams than trying to get refunds from your bank.

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