My Russian friend, she can visit me in America as a tourist?

by Virgilio
(Miami, Florida US)

Can my Russian friend visit me in America as a tourist?

My friend in Moscow Russia directed me me to the web agency Tourismo, according to her prepared the journey as such. I contacted the travel agency by mail and they sent me a budget, including passport, visa service, notary, and ticket of flight. my question is ..... sounds good but how to be sure this agency.

Bob's Comment:

As I answer many times, there are two answers to this question, the literal answer to the literal question, and then the answer to the question you probably should be asking. If I had more information I could be more sure.

I'll get the simple (but probably wrong) questions out of the way first: A Russian woman can apply for a U.S. tourist visa and visit you in the U.S. She can do that without using a travel agency. I don't know how to tell if the agency is legit (my guess it is not).

Part Two of the answers to the simple questions: She CAN *APPLY* for a tourist visa, but there's no guarantee she'll get one, and the odds are probably not in her favor.

NOW the answer to the question you probably SHOULD be asking: If you've been writing to a Russian girl you've met online and you've never met her in person before, and she's here suggesting you send money to some "agency" to which she directed you, the odds are REALLY high that this is a scam. If you send the money, the agency will probably continue contacting you with additional problems with her application that require additional money, etc. They'll bleed you until you catch on.

If this girl is "real" (her identity, location, details are correct, AND she's sincere about finding a man for sincere motives of building a relationship, not an income) and you're serious about her you have ONLY ONE reasonable option: YOU MUST VISIT HER IN HER CITY.

I know all men want it to be easier, and really would prefer the beautiful young Russian/Ukrainian lady to just arrive conveniently in their city, but it just doesn't work like that in the real world.

If she's in Moscow that's good news for you in many ways. It has TWO GIANT INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS, many English-speaking people that can provide guest services (hotels, taxis, airbnbs, etc.).

And if you do this I would suggest YOU choose and arrange most of your accommodations and don't let her participate much, other than suggesting the part of town in which you should stay.

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U.S. Visas for Russian Women or Citizens
by: Anonymous

I can and will help you with this. A lot; Please keep in mind that some of this will be my opinion. Most of it is fact.

1. You do NOT need a travel agency at all. I was in Russia in September and in Oct. So this is also very recent info. We = I and my Russian GF contacted her friend in Russian immigration.

Below is what a Russian citizen needs to have in order to receive a U.S. visa 1st of all.

And NOTE; I'd consider any push to use an agency a red flag, money scheme, or whatever but simply put; You do NOT need an agency.

Documents for registration of US visas:

1. A completed application for a visa (see the attachment) + completed survey

2. passport

3. The canceled passport if he was

4. 1 color photograph on a white background paper and matte paper, size 5 x 5 cm + electronically 600x600 pixels, not more than 240 KB

5. Certificate of employment with indication of position, beginning with the company and the salary, on the letterhead of the organization; resign to obtain a visa is not recommended

6. Extract from the bank with the remainder not less than 180-200 thousand rubles

7. Invitation from a US citizen - drawn up in writing in English + 1 copy of the page of the passport of the inviting, in the invitation must specify the address in the United States, phone and email inviting, the date of the invitation

8. A copy of the Holy Island of marriage-communication in the birth of minor children, the certificate of ownership of real estate, business documents - by the presence of

9. Russian passport - page 1, and registration

The cost of a visa to the United States 15,000 rubles, term visa 1-3 years, the term of registration of 1-2 weeks

If you did not have a US visa, you will need to have an interview at the US Embassy in Moscow. All necessary documents for the interview and we will prepare you to write you a comfortable day. We will give you detailed advice on your behavior during the interview strategy. At the end of the interview visa officer will inform you of the decision. If the visa is approved, you leave your passport at the embassy, and you can either take it to the next day with the Moscow branch of the courier company or to order a passport home.

To work remotely send us scans of the documents on the list (photos only in electronic form) and pay the cost of visa transfer to Sberbank card XXXXXXXXXX

We fill in the online US Visa application in English, pay all the necessary fees and send you to mail the documents required for travel to the interview.

Part 2 of U.S. Visas for Russian Women
by: Mark B

If you want it I have the direct number and contact name for the office in Russia. You can call me for a contact persons name. But for their job safety I wont list there name online. Keep reading you'll get it I promise.

The contact is at the Specialist Visa Center

Keep in mind there are many offices. This one is located near the black sea on the edge of Russia.

She currently works there and will take your call, or return it. Once you review the requirements for the U.S. visa you start to understand how much information must be entrusted to both parties, you and your friend. If you call 1st get your phone prepped up for +7 area code (Russia). List me a phone number with a request and I'll call you anywhere in the U.S. with a full name and phone number for Nata at this visa center.

If your friend fails to meet any requirement she or you will just waste time and money. Most requests are denied. They do not give a reason. They politely say no and it's over. Very sorry to bear what is likely bad news. On the other hand if to apply is not my decision. I'm just sharing current experience. And my GF meet all the requirements and more. Still was told no.

Now here's an opinion for you. If you use this it may work, and there is an upside to the effort.

The upside is that when these visas are allowed they're for 1-3 years. I would consider how long your friend can invest in time. If she's only coming for 2 weeks I'd say the effort of applying is not of equal value. If 3 months or longer I'd look at the requirements and form a plan early on.

I'm not suppose to know this or tell you this, and don't bring it up with Nata at the visa center or she'll be angry for me. And I won't be forgiven.

When the Russian is female visas are not given when U.S. men sponsor the visa. It's actually not sponsorship, it's an invitation you must create for your friend. However;

If you have a sister or any female in the U.S. to invite your friend? Your friend will get a visa. 1 of 2 things will be needed. Your Russian friend will be ask if they have ever meet the U.S. person in real time. If the Russian friend has to say no. Her visa is 50/50. If you go to Russia first and want to understand all this now. If you take a family member or friend that's a woman. Then she can get the visa for your friend in Russia. Yes it's all NUTZ!

I would do the following. Look at the big items in going to Russia. And review an I-129 K1 in case it's in your future.

Also if it's related. Any marriage in the U.S. during a Tourist visa can be dissolved, and the Russian citizen deported later. It's not likely to happen but; This is Homeland Security's current position in an election year like ours, and the Russian Federation hates being defrauded. On these matters, and laws in general both countries work very well together.

TIP; For 35.00 bucks you can send flowers. It sounds off but; if you see the flowers in Skype your positive the address is correct. No I did not accuse your friend, just Russian addresses and names are not formatted like the U.S. Hope some of this helps you. M.B.

Visa for russian woman part 3
by: Anonymous

Lastly consider this. One requirement for this elusive visa is an invitation.

There is no known format for it that is certified by the U.S. or the Russian Federation.

Here is the catch, or part of it.

1. You must submit a page of your U.S. passport to support the invitation. You better know her really well.

2. For her to get a yes on the visa, the invitation must assure Russia that you take full responsibility for her. They will not tell you this part but; Like Canada all Russians have health insurance. But it's only good in Russia. Non U.S. citizens can't get normal health insurance. You can check into it but per Obamacare I feel I'm correct. Point; You'll never be told but you'll have to find a company for temporary health insurance for her. It's out there but the good policies are not cheap for tourists. Then submit it with your invitation. Lastly Moscow, and the visa centers in Russia don't communicate this stuff exactly to you, her or the visa office. It's case by case. After this issue of course there's more to know, and most visa's are refused.

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