Need Help: Romance Compass

by Chris

Ok here it is... I've been with Romance Compass for a while and I meet Olga. Everything was going well until she asked me for help. I helped, then after that she asked if I could come see her in May. I got plane tickets, told her the dates, then she told me it was over because her dead grandmother told her then she said I was pressuring her into seeing me. Then I tried to contact the support team and they are giving me the run around. All I asked was to get back some of my credits and to have this lady banned from the site for scamming. Now today she emailed me saying she was sorry to hurt my feelings and that there are things going on in her life and she needs time to think, and that maybe we can meet in the fall. Then she asked me for help again. Can someone here help me out to get my 3000 credits back or at least half and get this laying b**** taken off of this site for scamming?

Bob's Comment:

I wish you had found my site before you started all this! These kinds of scams are so easy to avoid: NEVER USE PAY-PER-LETTER, PAY-PER-CHAT, OR GIFT SERVICES, and to take it a step further, usually it's best to AVOID SITES THAT EVEN OFFER THESE SERVICES.

See results of another reader's research at Romance Compass; The Ugly Truth.

Unfortunately no one will be able to help you get money or credits back, or get the girl removed. Just count that lost money and credits as your tuition in the school of hard knocks. The rest of the education about this process is ON THIS SITE! Read every page. It's free.

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