Need to know if Olga (ID 34117) on Romance Compass is real

by Mark

I want to know if Olga is real and not scamming me. Her name is Olga id on romance compass is #34117. I'm suppose to travel to meet her soon so can you find out if I'm getting scammed by her? If I'm getting scammed I want to know, and if she really wants to meet me, tell me. She made a promise to talk to me and no one else.

Bob's Answer:

When I search by ID for that 34117 it says it doesn't exist. But that wasn't going to help much anyway.

This isn't very much information for me to give you any reliable "scam risk factor" estimate, but going with just the tiny sliver of data I do have, I'd say your risk factor is high.

I say that for two reasons:

1) You're asking if I think she's a scam. Usually (though certainly not always) that's a pretty good indicator for most people who don't have paranoid tendencies. Most likely your subconscious is taking in all these signals that your conscious mind prefers to ignore because she's probably hot and sounds like she likes you.

2) As I peruse, I see it's a pay-per-letter deal, and those are almost always very scammy.

I wish I could simplify this for you, but read Russian Dating Scams and every page it links to. That will give you 95% of your answer.

My favorite individual page on this matter is Avoiding Russian Women Scams. Read that ENTIRE PAGE VERY CAREFULLY before you make any travel plans. And when you are finished reading the entire page very carefully, read it again very carefully, and then again :-) Pretend that the entire content there is part of this reply.

IF you are letting her or her agency help you with accommodations, and if she requires an interpreter that her agency provides, then you're probably being scammed.

I also strongly recommend reading My Experience With Anastasia Date. This link was sent to me by the author/owner of the page who on that page recounts his scam experience with

The situation he describes is what we call an "agency scam", and it's quite possible that it's what you're heading for if you don't thoroughly follow the guidance at Avoiding Russian Women Scams.

If you wish to contact me through the "Contact Me" link and tell me the city where all your girl lives and you are visiting, I could possibly edit this answer with some really helpful additional advice.

I hope this helps!

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