by Iosef Lara
(Miami Florida USA )

After many letters, and some few chats I notice that all ladies are beautiful, and I start notice that many of them have professional photos apparently taken in the same studio, and the ladies never send you family photos.

And when you are able to get the telephone number after minimum of 15 letters, their phone doesn't work at all. It is controlled by the site, as well is the letters. Their letters sometimes do not make sense for what you are asking or refer to.

Don't waste your time or money any more.


Bob's Reply:

Many have already reported these kinds of things at Romance Compass, but let me just add, just in case someone is ONLY finding this one page... NEVER use pay-per-letter services from ANY site or agency!!! Seriously, if you're paying by the letter/chat, it's almost certain that something like this is happening.

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