Once your Russian fiancee is ready to fly into the U.S.

by Mark

Once your Russian fiancee is ready to fly into the U.S. I'm now concerned about one subject. From the things I've read online, and even Aeroflot airlines speaking to me on the phone. I'm getting the impression my fiancee needs to audit what documents she has with her, and even call the U.S. embassy.

She has her K-1 Visa as of today. I bought her ticket today for April 8th to fly Stavropol to Moscow, and Moscow to JFK airport in N.Y. She has documents from having seen a doctor and her interview.

I would think that is all she needs to clear all check points in both countries.

1. Would you agree she is properly prepared to travel with no delays per K-1 status, and her check points?

2. Is there any reason to call the embassy? Frankly I wouldn't know what to even ask them. Her nerves are racked from this coming up so much. I'm a bit nervous from feeding off her nervous energy. So any advice or knowledge will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Bob's Answer:

As I always say, make sure you verify my answers elsewhere. It was six years ago that I went through that. I highly recommend Visa Journey.

But here is what I remember... Once she has the K-1 Visa the hardest parts are over. Of course she should have all documents with her in her carry-on baggage just in case she is asked, but in my ex's case I don't think they asked to see anything other than her passport (which has the Visa page). They just stamped her through with no more than a "Welcome to the United States".

We definitely did not call the embassy.

The cat is the bigger variable. Make sure she has the vet papers ready to show.

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