Questions about meeting Russian Women

by Marc

Hi I have two topics, and or questions...

1. FYI, I clicked on the Angelica link and bells for virus invasion went off on my pc? Now I'm respectfully scared of it. If possible could you check that and give an all clear latter? Thanks so very much if so I'll check into that link after I know you've had some time with this?

2. My questions are; Once you're on Skype for example, do most Russian women speak English? Is there any type of percentage you would give?
My wish is to begin a search for a Russian woman. To include marriage if that's meant to be. I'm not on the nut hunt trying to make that happen. But I'm very ready if it's real and it happens.

3. Can you give an average on the age range of Russian women involved with the tours? Are there many women in their 30's and 40's? Or is it strictly a younger crowd? I'll be 58 in two months. Please warn me away from this concept if my age is just unrealistic?

4. In the past I've had girlfriends in multiple countries. No bragging just that's what worked for me back then. I always told every girl the truth. Kept it real and was shocked that I was dating 3 women in 3 countries. But never Russia. My point is this; Which leads to a question. I know the long distance relationship ropes from that past. They're not all great but; I'm willing if it gets me a fair chance at a great wife that is genuine. As you have the experience per Russia. What can you tell me on this; Are Russian women prepared for the trials of a long distance thing? Are the odds in my favor that she will understand the need to orchestrate many concepts together with patience and precision? Or are the odds closer to having to strike while the iron is Hot? Fly into Moscow quickly if the right woman and timing are found? Sweep her off her feet?

4. Lastly; Could you give an estimate of how long the dating phase runs? I'm guessing it varies per each woman but; is there an estimate per your experience. Because I sometimes quickly know what I want, and I go for it. Which can run some women away. So; being I know nothing on a personal level about Russia or it's women. Anything you may offer will help. Thanks so very much, Marc.

Bob's Answer:

Thanks for your questions.

1) As for Angelika, can you please contact me using the form at Contact Me to tell me the exact address where you clicked the Angelika link. As I point out at Angelika Network - Review they have gone out of business and their web domain registration expired and was obviously picked up by a malware site.

I leave the review up for information purposes, but have removed all known links to that address (which is why I'd like to know where you found it, if you don't mind).

2) On most sites the woman's language abilities are specified in her profile. My guess: Maybe 25% speak/write English well enough to speak on Skype. If your foreign pursuits up till now have involved women whose first language was not English, this may not need to be said, BUT, even Russian women who speak English don't all speak it very well and it can require a little extra patience and effort to speak.

On most of the sites I recommend (see Russian Dating Sites Reviewed -- READ -- those are my reviews, some of those reviews are BAD) the women are seeking a marriage relationship.

3) What kind of "Tours"? Please don't fall into the AFA trap! See
A Foreign Affair - Review. Group tours have their place, as I point out in that review, but it's one of the worst approaches. BUT, having been on one AFA tour I can tell you that the women range from 20 to 40+, and 57-58 was probably the average of the men.

BUT for other approaches a 58 y.o. man has a very realistic chance of finding someone, especially if other factors are present, like good health, reasonable standard of living, etc. ("reasonable standard of living" = you have a job, you can afford to visit another country, you can afford to support a spouse, etc. Of course the more you have the less your age matters :)

I would also add that at 58 you should target women over 35-40.

4) Wait, you said you have "two topics and/or questions" and there are FIVE questions in #4 alone, and there are two #4s :)...

Anyway, 4A has five questions but they're really one... Serious Russian women are looking for a "real" relationship, not a "long distance" relationship. Of course they'll understand that you can't just make an international flight just to visit for coffee next weekend, but once you really hit it off in your remote communications (Skype, phone) you'll need to start planning a trip. No serious Russian girl is going to endure a virtual relationship for more than a few months. And, if you visit after a few months and still hit it off, it will need to escalate.

Individual tours are a little different if you do them right. It is possible to actually meet someone on such a tour (someone with whom you've had no previous communication), go on 4-5 dates with her, propose marriage, and have her accept! See Individual Russian Dating Tour for more on this. I know a guy who did exactly that, and in his case the girl didn't even speak a word of English when they met and he even had to propose via interpreter! They are still happily married more than 10 years later.

So they will understand and have patience for some of your logistics challenges, but you won't ever have what we commonly call a "long distance relationship".

I'm divorced now, but with my ex we spoke on Skype for a few weeks before she told me it was time to start planning a visit. Four months after our first communication I visited her and it went extremely well. Four months after that we met again in the Dominican Republic where I proposed and she accepted. Four months after that (while the visa paperwork was still being processed) I visited her again, and four months after that she arrived her.

So if what was happening between all those meetings is what you're calling a "long distance relationship", then yes, they'll have the patience for it as long as they see hope that it is progressing.

Hmmm, I see that WAS the answer to 4B :) But I'll add to it... There is NO formula! For my friend I referenced above, he made ONE TRIP to Russia, met a girl he never communicated with prior to that, proposed, and eight months later they were married here. I, on the other hand had to go quite a few times before I figured things out sufficiently and had adequate good fortune fall my way.

Hope that all helps!

Please add a comment to this post for any follow up questions and I'll add my subsequent answers as comments below that.

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