Real female?

by Yanis

If we suspect that the Russian person with whom we communicate and exchange secrets is a Tranvestite/Transsexual, how could we ensure it before we arrange an expensive and wasteful trip?

Are there some questions-keys we could ask that person so as to find out her/his real nature?

Bob's Answer:

Wow, that's a new one :-)

Call me a naïve simpleton, but I kinda suspect that there are almost no Tranvestites/Transsexuals on the more reputable Russian/Ukrainian women dating sites (like the ones I review positively in my "Reviews" section), so my best advice would be to shop there.

As far as having some diagnostic questions that could detect this, I have no idea.

In all my visits, and among all the Russian/Ukrainian women I have met, to my knowledge all of them were born/authentic female.

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