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Note: This is written in direct reply to the post entitled "Luvvocabulary" by K Stewart.

Thank you for your opinion about our website.

We see that you had negative experience using our service. We decided to give our point of view on the current situation.

Why do you think ladies must share their contact information from the first contact? They do not know who you are. They do not know your character. They do not know anything about you. Ladies register at our service only for serious purposes – marriage or long term relations. Slavic women like to be cared for. If in the first letter you just write your contact information it can only scare them away. Would you like if a lady from the first contact provides you with her contact information and insists on writing there to her or asks to do things that you don’t want to do? We think not. So, ladies don’t like it as well. There is no interest in a man who only talks about Skype, e-mail or telephone. earns money from professional translations of the messages. We do not deny this fact. This is our niche in the Internet industry. Therefore, we are interested to register at our service ladies that don’t speak foreign languages??. Why? Because it is beneficial for us. So we provide good communication for people that can’t speak each other’s language and take money for it. There is nothing strange.

Concerning the discussion on the site, we would be grateful if you pay attention that this topic does not apply to our service. We have created AntiScam section on the site ( In this section, we explain that our website is one of a kind with the domain name and other sites with similar domain names do not relate to our site. So, please, take a closer look at the topic of the discussion and at the domain name of the site that is discussed there and compare domain names and sites in general and you’ll see that it doesn’t relate to our site.

We don’t cooperate with ladies. We just want to help you improve your communication and understand each other. We do not impose our service, it’s up to you use it or not, one can check the quality of our translations stop using our services at any time. A client use the service only by his wish.

If you do not have relationship yet or your search of better half lasts too long, maybe you should start with yourself and change our approach, and not blame the ladies you meet and dating sites in it.

Bob's Reply:

Actually none of this convincingly refutes what was said in the original post, either by Mr Stewart or by me in my comments.

One of the most important points of advice I offer men seeking Russian/Ukrainian women to avoid scammy and/or unscrupulous businesses is to NEVER PAY PER LETTER, and if you do need to have letters translated, YOU find your own translator.

In my own experience with luvvocabulary the girl was insistent that we use luvvocabulary, and quickly rejected any alternate suggestions I made. And she wrote in a way that included intentional mistakes so as to make software translation impossible, AND very often seeming to go far out of her way to misunderstand the simplest things I said (that were translated by Google Translate). I mean really, "I formerly cleaned swimming pools, but now I am a computer programmer". That's only slightly more complex than "See Sally run. See Sally throw the ball..."

There's no way the online translator could miss that so badly that she thought I am a professional pool cleaner. My whole point is that she tried very hard to make professional translation necessary, and she was insistent that it be luvvocabulary, and she became very agitated when I did not agree.

Anyone with any common sense should be able to connect the dots here. I can't think of any other plausible explanation for all these details other than collusion/cooperation between the lady and the site.

I fully acknowledge that I can't PROVE a connection, and I don't know exactly the nature of the connection, but every shred of common sense says THERE IS A CONNECTION. No other explanation fits the facts. Maybe the girl works for luvvocabulary, or maybe the girl is paid a share of the profits for each letter she drives through the system, or something else.

I see in the "How it works" page ( that one option for ladies to register is to go into one of the local offices of this site. Maybe the collusion happens there between the local office and the girl, and not at the "headquarters". This is a strategy used by some VERY large dating sites... have local affiliates who engage in the fraud, but keep the US-based central office insulated.

Or maybe the main company is innocent and completely unaware of any fraud at the local level.

WHO KNOWS? I don't know, but I don't need to know. Everything about it seems shady to me, and Mr Stewart's urge to "Be wary of the Luvvocabulary dating site" seems wise to me.

As to a few other claims made in this answer by Luvvocubalary representatives:

- "Why do you think ladies must share their contact information from the first contact?" Simple: because they should communicate in a way that the man and woman speaks/writes directly to each other without any pay-by-letter "intermediaries". I guess any time someone profits from the need for an intermediary, they try to argue that that's what the women want and expect, and argue why the women DON'T want direct contact.

And sharing "direct information"... It's an EMAIL ADDRESS! Any girl concerned about her privacy can just get a free gmail or yahoo mail address just for dating purposes.

- "There is no interest in a man who only talks about Skype, e-mail or telephone." Most women truly serious about finding someone special want as much direct contact as possible just as do the men. When I hear arguments like you offer how women prefer to have these agency mediators (who conveniently profit by staying in that mediator role), it smells very fishy to me (and should seem fishy to anyone else).

- " earns money from professional translations of the messages". There's nothing wrong with that, but all the evidence for collusion suggest there's more to it than that. As I read on your "How it works" page (, only women can join, and then invite men to use the service. If you were really just interested in providing professional translation services why not also allow the men to use your service directly? You could just let men send you a message - either in Russian or English - and ask you to translate it and send it back to them.

But the way you structure it places you between the man and woman... something that almost always is a major red flag to me.

- "Concerning the discussion on the site, we would be grateful if you pay attention that this topic does not relate to our service." Maybe not - I'll come back to that in a moment - but certainly the comments on that post apply 100% to my case, especially where poster "jamaica_live" (apparently a Russian woman) points out that the original Russian in the case at hand had intentional/deliberate mistakes clearly intended to make the message untranslatable.

And it MAY not be the exact same company, but they appear to offer identical services. And with the names being so similar, and with the identical business model (a very unique model at that - you are the only two sites I've seen do this), I can't help but see a connection.

And the labeling on the home page is extremely similar... "Love Vocabulary" vs "Luv Vocabulary", and a link labeled "What is this site about?", worded exactly the same way on both home pages, and a link labeled "How it works and why it will work for you?", worded exactly the same way on both home pages. Come on, you can't really expect anyone to believe that these two sites are completely unrelated!

If they are not run by the same people, then one of them them is copying the other and the "original" should hire a good intellectual property attorney and shut the other one down.

- Concerning your anti-scam statement... every site has an anti scam statement, including the most well-known and notorious scam sites. It's meaningless, especially when your anti-scam page only talks about the obvious scams that everyone knows about (sending money, bank details, etc.).

But your anti-scam statement does not even address the particular scam Mr Stewart and I imply... collusion with the women! You say in your post above that you do not collude with the women, but I simply can't believe that.

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by: Anonymous

Hi guys

Google images is your friend here. 8 out of 10 of the girls I talked to in when I Google image search their pictures I found they had been stolen from real people on (Russian equivalent of Facebook), and 1 out of 10 was from a prostitution site.

Based on these odds I am assuming the other 1 out of 10 is also fake

Note. None of them would Skype me. Most gave out their mobile numbers. And the two of those that did gave me identical numbers which they never picked up when I called.


Scam guys. Be careful. Move on.

Actually the site where I met my future Russian wife that worked for me was:

It is Australian specific but it worked.


luv vocabulary - scam ?
by: Andy

I totally agree with everything you have both said, my experience is that it is a scam, and none of the women I contacted would communicate in any other way!

I was concerned from the first few contacts, all ended the same way, and the translations did appear to always provide misinformation.

To my mind it is a scam, I would be very interested if there are any successful connections through that site, since leaving the site I have been contacted regularly by very good looking women telling me I am the love of their life! I wonder if they want me to join so I can reply ?? :)

scam -
by: Anonymous

I agree wholeheartedly, they manipulate the situation so you cannot communicate without them they do seem to make sure it does not translate, as far as I am concerned it's a scam, not 1 of the women I replied to was willing to even give an email, they just want your money , nothing more than robbery ))

by: Willem

This site cannot provide a secure has sent an invalid response.
Run Windows Network Check.
Who can give me an explanation for this, other than that I have no problems with my internet everywhere else those ditches stand up: except on this Website
Thank you in advance for your cooperation and time taken
Regards Willem W.

Translated with (free version)

Hi William - Bob here... Could you please be more specific? WHICH SITE is giving you problems? Feel free to use the "Contact Me" link on the bottom of any page to contact me.

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