romance compass !

by Glenn

I have wrote to a few women on this site, and get hundreds of letters from gorgeous women. I have my doubts on this site and think a lot if not all are doing this for money received for letters and video chat etc. I did ask one lady if they got paid she said no. And when I said how much men have to pay to send a letter, she said she did not know this. To me all the women are gorgeous and I can not believe these women are without boyfriends or husbands. I have noticed a lot have wedding rings on or a faint mark where one has been. So guys be careful.

Bob's Comment:

Good call...

Others have written about Romance Compass here on this site, for example see the very thorough post by Jason at Romance Compass; The Ugly Truth.

Read the rest of my site... 99% of the time where you're dealing with ANY pay-per-communication (letter, chat, video call, etc.) site/agency, you're getting scammed. ALMOST ALL OF THEM either write on behalf of the women or share letter revenue with the women.

I can correct one little thing you said... In Russia/Ukraine not all gorgeous women are actually married or exclusively dating. Read Why Russian Women?... That lingerie model who is pictured in my top banner... She's from Ukraine where she says she was just another face on the street, but only here in America EVERYONE STARES.

Seriously, in Russia/Ukraine it is pretty much the case that gorgeous single women are a dime a dozen, while non-alcoholic, faithful, employed, single, marriage-minded men are a needle in a haystack.

BUT that doesn't mean that when you put your profile up on a dating site ONLY gorgeous women write! There are still more non-gorgeous women than there are gorgeous ones.

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