Romance Compass; The Ugly Truth

by Jason
(Denver, Colorado, USA)

I first became acquainted with Romance Compass through an advertisement on Facebook. After looking through the site, I was impressed with the quality of the women, as well as the amazing picture quality on the profiles. I signed up for the service, created a profile, and immediately began receiving letters.

Now, as many of you may know, this site is typical of the less than reputable international dating sites on the market. They offer you the opportunity to purchase credits, for which you use to e-mail, video-chat and eventually request contact information. I purchased a credit packet, and began investigating the site. I was immediately bombarded with 20+ form letters each day, all from attractive women seeking companionship. Again, very typical of these types of sites. As I used the site, I began to notice many of the obvious red flags of a scam based site. These were:

1) Return letters written by women who were not familiar with the subject matter of the original profile

2) Appearance of women's profiles on many other competing Eastern European Dating sites, many with the exact same profile information

3) Changing the name and age on my profile resulted in the exact same form letters being resubmitted to me, with only name changes filed in the blanks. Another form of scamming.

4) Many women suggesting video chat, and being online at all hours for such chat.

I was able delve into several Ukrainian Chat rooms, where I finally found the price listings for women who subscribe to the site. Women are offered free photo shoots, or a cash payout per minute for video chat minutes, e-mails written, and contact information requested. The amounts vary by promotion, by average .40 cents per minute of video, and $2.00 per e-mail. Armed with this knowledge, I decided to use some of my credits to test my theories.

After many e-mails, I received several different responses from women. One admitted that she was conversing to raise money to educate her son, and several did not even seem to be aware that men on this site were paying to chat with them. There were the typical signs of scammers and hired writers; people online in paid video chat at all hours of the night, writing styles that changed form letter to letter, and hostility at the suggesting of exchanging contact information outside of the site.

I was able to converse with one woman, to the point I was able to request contact information from her. I did so, and received... a disconnected phone number, a fraudulent address, but a valid last name. I then searched for and found this woman on (Russian version of Facebook). Well guess what? She had never even heard of me, and stated she did not converse with men on the site after her photo shoot. She even said that it was a friend of hers, running her account.

One interesting side note for any readers here. I eventually registered with a site called ElenasModels, which was supposed to be more reputable. Interestingly, I saw a familiar photo on one of the profiles there. When I began chatting with the woman on this site, she confirmed that she had indeed done a photo shoot with Romance Compass. She had then sold her profile to a friend, and never even logged on to the site. Again, clear evidence of ghost-writing and phony profiles. All in all, I spent $150 to fully vet this site as fraudulent. I hope this review saves you some money, and keeps you from doing the same. Peace.

Bob's Answer:

Thanks for your thorough research and review!

I have never heard of this site, but I did look it over after reading your review. And I see the telltale signs of a scam site.

What I would add is that since we cannot research every site so thoroughly, you can just count on a few very reliable concepts that will help determine if a site is likely a scammy site without having to confirm it.

Most scam sites are pretty easy to spot and avoid. You can go through all the effort to research this like Jason did, or you can just trust me... almost any site or company who charges per letter, per minute for video, etc., and restricts your ability to communicate with a woman directly (no direct contact information) is so likely to be a scam that it just isn't worth the risk.

And if you are bombed with letters (especially if they are obviously form letters) from the hottest women on the site within the first day you have a profile online, chances are it's a scam site.

If practically ALL of the women on the site are drop-dead gorgeous, as in the case of Romance Compass, then it's probably a scam site.

Compare the women on to those on, a truly legitimate site. Note that on there's the whole spectrum, just like in the real world... Maybe 5% of them are really hot, maybe 15% pretty nice looking, 50% "medium", etc...

AND, if you are over 40, not rich, not famous, not especially great looking yourself, and you post a profile on, chances are pretty good that most of the women who will contact you are going to be much more "middle of the pack" and not super hot cover models.

Anyway, better to trust the principles in identifying scam sites than actually find out about them the hard way just to be sure ;-)

But thanks again for taking the time to tell us about how you confirmed that Romance Compass is a questionable site! To hear of your direct confirmation probably helps many understand what I say when I speak of scams more generically.

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by: Anonymous

I want to say that Irina ID 27028 is not a real girl. Everything was lovey until I paid for her information. Since I paid for her information she has not appeared. I called her number and a girl answered saying she could not talk because she is with her mom at the the hospital. I have texted, wrote emails, and she hasn't answered. Yeah, I was scammed but I want to post this so she won't scam anyone else. She is 21 years old 5ft 7inches tall 117 lbs and working to become a lawyer. She is fake.

[Bob's Answer:]

Thanks for the heads-up, but I looked and she's not there any more.

Guys, LISTEN UP... this is not the way! You definitely won't be able to black-list every scammer you encounter. For example, this "Irina" you mention... Now she's probably "Natalia", 5-9, 122 lbs, working as an "economist" in a different city, with totally different pictures. See what I mean? And "she" is probably really Ivan working in a basement.

AND we also can't catalog and black-list EVERY shady agency/site.

But what you CAN do to take nearly all of the drama out of dodging scamming women and shady agencies/sites is USE!!! Read my review at

Scam Site
by: Anonymous

I have been on Romance for approximately 3 months and I have actually meet several girls in person and dated 1 for a while. However, I have encountered several girls who would never commit to meeting in person and wanted me to continue writing or chatting. I can't say that the site is 100% scam, but partially. You must be careful!

I am cautious
by: Alister

I saw one woman I liked on Romance Compass. So I decided to take a risk and sending her a present so a photo can be taken. After that I send the emails.

I haven't met this woman though, but I am cautious at all times.

[Bob's Comment:] I thought Jason's review was thorough enough, and the things I observed about their services were in line with his observations. PLEASE, read my entire scam section, especially Russian Dating Scam: Letters and Gifts.

The fact that a photo was taken on gift delivery is meaningless! It really doesn't prove anything. In my humble opinion, you're not being cautious enough and are probably wasting your time and money.

Better to just use a reliable site.

Romance Compass confirmed scam
by: daniel

You can purchase a gift to see the woman is real.
You can try to call is it actually her.
I tried all it failed. Imposer, or a con-friend.

[Bob's Comment:] Even if the gift delivery "succeeded" it wouldn't have meant the girl was real anyway :-) Read my scams pages. Many agencies offer these gift delivery services where they take a photo of the girl receiving your gift. The idea being that if you send Natalia flowers then see a picture of the girl you've been writing receiving flowers, it must all be real. No, no, no, no, no... not necessarily!

Crooked agencies usually have "partnerships" with the hotter women where they agree to write, talk, and receive gifts in exchange for some of the revenue. And when you send Natalia flowers, the agency digs through their hard drive looking for Natalia with flowers and just sends that to you.

OR, if you requested something unique, like having her hold up a newspaper showing the date in the picture while receiving flowers, they can do that too... The girl and the agency rep go to a street flower vendor, give them $5 to "rent" flowers for 5 minutes, take pics with the newspaper (or whatever test you construct), and send that pic.

You paid $125 for the flowers, delivery, and photo feature, they walked with $120 to split two ways. Not half bad for an hour's work :-)

READ MY SITE! Almost any agency that has these pay-per-letter and gift services has a LOT of scam potential.

Romance compass is real 100% scam
by: Likoy Blaise

I have gone across a good number of girls in this website and when you start talking about to visiting them they came up with a cocky and bull story, "I want to know you better", etc. All these girls are scams.

Does use scammers
by: Anonymous

Romance Compass IS A SCAM SITE it has professional scammers like Valeria Novitskaya id 32461. I got scammed by her a few years back. Saw her profile on Romance Compass & set up a fake profile. Exchanged a couple of letters & got to see her on video camera. So it sure was her. I had met her for real in Odessa in Feb 2011. Google her name & the screen lights up like a Christmas Tree. Inform the site & they do nothing. Another lady i know had a profile there without her knowledge. The photo's are at least 7 years old. She looks very different now. It took the threat of legal action from a Ukrainian lawyer (not cheap)to get the profile removed. Pure & simple its an expensive scam site that pays women a good tax free sum to write letters & chat to men & should be avoided at all costs.

Romance Compass is a fake
by: Anonymous

I found out, that this site Romance Compass is using the pics from - similar to facebook and using the details from there. Not one girl is real. It is only a site done from some Russian guys and making money. All is a big fake. The girls in vk dont know that this site is using the pics and names. So keep the fingers away from this site - all is fake!

need to know
by: Anonymous

I've been on this site for a while talking to lady. Her name is Olga #34117. I don't know if I can tell if this is a scam. She gave me her email at first and we communicate via email. The letters went to symbols. I called a tech he said my computer was working but there was a block on her part. Before I go any longer can you tell if she is scamming me before I go any farther. Please. Help.

[Bob's Answer:]

The article/post to which you are posting this comment (Romance Compass: The Ugly Truth) has all the information you need to answer this question. My guess... yes, she's a scammer, but not because her emails had symbols, but for the reasons Jason describes.

big scam with olga 34117
by: Anonymous

I fell for this lady hook line and sinker
then after I made plans to visit her she went
hostile on me saying that I was pressure her
and were not meeting and done then she wrote
back saying she sorry but wants to meet in the fall. I tried to advise the staff what she was doing and they are responsible.
They told me that they are a communication
site not a dating site. And won't refund my credits. I said on your sign in it says dating and that it's your responsibility
to make sure the ladies are on the up and up.
so if you can help me with these people itvwould be great the main one is a Gregor
who thinks everything is ok and wants prof when ladies are scamming for love and money

[Bob's Answer:]

And this is my answer to ALL of you posting comments on Jason's article about Romance Compass... READ JASON'S POST! This guy wrote an open and shut case that you can't believe ANYTHING from this site and all you guys are here posting comments to his article commenting on possible scams. READ JASON'S POST! It speaks for itself and answers all your comments!

bankrupt the system
by: michael

I know many man have been scammed from dating site from Ukraine and Russia, and have tried to bring these ladies to account but its not the answer! I believe the dating industry needs to be regulated by an independent international governing body. Every site would be monitored and reviewed by the governing body. Proper investigations should be made on these girls because the sites are not really concerned with it. Every girl registered on these sites should be recorded and placed in a database if they are found to have violated their contracts. It should be a criminal offense to commit any fraud, money laundering, and scam on any dating site or other web multimedia links. All dating site will be held accountable for not registering any girl on the regulatory program, every information gathered on these ladies will be recorded on the data base of the international regulatory governing body! There will not be any mistakes, and lack of transparency, the system will be bullet prof, the program will also monitor blacklisted girls through registering them on the reportable order so that every movement and change of circumstances will have to be reported! Fraud and scamming is a billion dollar industry, so if any man like to support my idea feel free to say a few words? Cheers.

[Bob's Contribution:]

You would need to post this as a contribution, not a "comment", in order for others to comment on it. I'm the only one who can comment on a comment, and I'll take a shot at it... :-)

Yes, EXACTLY what we need: More laws and regulations, more government, and MORE TAXES (funding this crap has to come from somewhere) intruding into every nook and cranny of our lives! Take that as sarcasm :-) I'm opposed!

And frankly, the only kinds of scams that could truly be addressed by this would fall under the category I call "Agency Scams", and no one could EVER prove this kind of scam. The girl partners with the agency and shares in the pay-per-letter revenue, but she's not on their books. No one could PROVE they have this arrangement. And, no one could ever prove she wasn't "serious". What governing body could do that?

Why all that when one could SERIOUSLY just use a little common sense?

  • Never send money to someone you've never met.
  • If she's young, tall, slender, and looks like a supermodel, and you're old, broke, short, overweight, and not so good looking, then something probably isn't right.
  • If she's good looking and falls in love with you in the first or second letter and wants to come visit you, or has a sick grandmother who needs expensive medicine, it's a scam.
  • If you met and corresponded through a pay-per-letter operation, she's probably working in coordination with the agency and basically writing for profit.

It ain't rocket science folks, no international regulatory agency needed, just a little common sense!

Yeah Scam
by: Cody Jarrett

That's the impression I have. These woman duck and dodge if you reference SKYPE, YAHOO etc., They change the subject or She tells you she doesn't know how to use it.

I got blatant with a few of them. I don't want to waste my time and money on you if you don't make effort to correspond with me away from site. But I keep getting piles of letters from her after, none the less. Leaving an impression that it's either an employee sending the letters or the member has been given economic incentive to do it.

Duplicate Letters
by: Terry

I was convinced that the site was authentic until I received 2 letters from different women that were identical... Topless on a rock while sunbathing? I would like to believe some of the women were sincere because as a test I offered to send two girls money and both declined. I bought credits on several occasions and it went from 60 credits to zero in less than 1 minute. The company refused to refund the money. Another site based out of Vegas claims the letters are computer generated. I assume some sites must be legit.

[Bob's Comment:]

Seriously, PAY-PER-LETTER/PAY-PER-CHAT sites are almost always scams! Either the women are straight-out employees, or at least they are just members of the agency with whom the agency shares letter/chat revenue.

Start with that assumption and you'll be right 99% of the time!

Big scam
by: Anonymous

This woman was interested in me as long as I kept putting money on this site for letters and chat. When credits got low, she would exclaim "Please do not Leave me". In chat, her answers were very slow to keep eating up time and credits. When when I would complain, she would tell me she did not ask me to put money on the silly site. What a scammer. Then she would start telling me how she wanted to live with me and love me and kiss me all over. She would get aggravated when I asked about wedding rings in a photo she sent me. She claims they are just rings she liked to wear and not all the time. Good luck men, hope this helps.

by: Paul, london

It's all a scam. I tried this site to see for myself. If all the girls are so beautiful then why they need to go on a site??? I learned that for every guy they speak with on the site they get money, so it is in their interest to get the guy to write as many times as possible. There is no way to get any contact information from any of the girls, no email addresses, no phone numbers, and it is banned to exchange any contact details, so it only means one thing ( SCAM )

[Bob's Comment:]

Well, Jason's review pretty thoroughly documented the scammy nature of this site. The only thing I would say in response to your comment is that beautiful women in Russia/Ukraine DO need to seek men on an international dating site IF they want a faithful, marriage-minded, non-alcoholic man with whom to start a family. THAT is not the part that indicates scam.

Read Why Russian Women? for more on this.

BUT, when YOUNG, BEAUTIFUL women write to you on a pay-per-letter/pay-per-chat site, it's because they're earning money for doing it!

The Whole Website Is A Scam - Not Only The Girl
by: Wren

I bought the girl roses on this site multiple times and they suppose to sent me a photo to be assured when they delivered!

Then there was this month I receive the photo, and the photo is exactly the same as last month.

So I the whole website is all scam.

[Bob's Comment:]

Thanks. It is the classic letter/gift scam operation. See Russian Dating Scam: Marriage Agency Scams.

Romance Compass
by: Bert

I have used this site for many months and I feel this is a very dubious site. There are other free Russian dating sites. My advice if after spending much money writing to one lady, she does not want to meet up or avoids definite answers, the scam light flashes. As I believe these ladies get paid for each letter you send them, and a cut from gift money. SO it is in there interest to keep you writing. I have no faith in this site. But you may be lucky and find an honest one. Good Luck.

Biggest scam Ever!!
by: Anonymous

I have used this service for the past two years, even made a trip to Odessa to met one of these girls. I communicated with her for four months prior. Her figure was 5'9", English fluent. I spoke to her couple of times before I booked my ticket. To my surprise when I finally arrived in Odessa, it took her two days before she came to meet with me. When she arrived, there was another girl with her. I introduced myself to her and hugged the other person. She was about 5'1". The girl I hugged said to me "I am not Maria she is" This other person was an interpreter at a cost of $20US dollars per hour. Her explanation for this was that she is scared to me with me alone. And they do not go into hotels with foreigners. They made off with their bellies full and a sum of $140.00 and never return. It is all a scam. Once you pay for their info, you might talk with them for 3-4 times, then they want you back on the internet. Just received my first set of duplicate letters from two different ladies... All a joke. Wish I learned all this before that expensive trip.

Leave this site alone.

[Bob's Comment:]

Sorry to hear of your experience, but thanks for sharing so that others can benefit.

Romance Compass
by: Anonymous

This site is a scam. Somebody other than the ladies respond to your emails. I tried the romance compass. I kept receiving emails from the ladies that I was interested at 2,3 am! I also kept receiving the same generic emails from different ladies. Do not waste your money.

[Bob's Comment:]

I suspect that the other posts regarding this site are thorough enough, but the observation about receiving messages at 2am-3am isn't really the thing to focus on since 2am-3am in the U.S. Eastern Time (adjust accordingly for your time zone) is 9am in Ukraine, 10am in Moscow, etc.)

But nevertheless, this observation about someone other than the ladies responding is going to be true with most pay-per-letter operations. And with pay-per-letter when someone else is not writing on the ladies' behalf, the ladies are working in partnership with the agencies/sites and sharing in the revenue generated from the letters.

I can't promise that this will be true in 100% of the cases, but I can say that when using pay-per-letter services, even from companies that look legit, you should start with the assumption that one of these two approaches is in play (either someone writing on ladies' behalf or ladies writing for profit). Or, better yet, avoid pay-per-letter like the plague :-)

Be Careful Going into this one !
by: Anonymous

I talked to several of these Beautiful women, got their contact information, called them on the phone. But then one of them gave a number that did not work. One woman, Yuliya, who dresses in all long black dresses in her photos did this. She gives you this story about how her grandparents raised her and so on... If I had gone through all of that at least I would be honest with people. The truth is some may want to leave Ukraine but I think most do not. I don't think it is as bad there as people think it is even with Russia looming over them. Be Careful going in to Guard your Heart and your Wallet.

[Bob's Comment:]

Try to remember that with most pay-per-letter operations like this that work through local affiliate agencies that the girls on the site that you are writing are in some way in collusion with the agency/site. The girl's posted pictures and name may actually be the girl writing you, but if she is, it's because she is either paid a portion of the revenue from every letter OR is just an employee.

And as you read through the original article to which this comment is posted (see Romance Compass; The Ugly Truth), there seems to be plenty of reason to suspect this site of being fairly typical of the pay-per-letter model.

So don't draw conclusions about whether or not the women really want to leave Ukraine, or about their honesty and character, etc. When dealing with pay-per-letter sites/agencies, most of the time it is the equivalent of calling one of those pay-per-call sex-talk lines advertised on late night TV (gorgeous, lingerie dressed woman, laying on bed, looking at camera, "Call me, I can't wait to talk to you..."). Just read the fine print on those ads, "for entertainment purposes only". If you call one of those, you'll only be upset and feel cheated if you actually believed it was sincere.

In the U.S. TV commercials put that "For entertainment purposes only" in the fine print to try to avoid being sued for misrepresentation, but there is no such concern in Russia/Ukraine! So *I* am telling you, "Pay-per-letter: For entertainment purposes only!"

There ARE REAL Russian/Ukrainian women that ARE sincere. Read the rest of my site to find out how to find them and how to proceed!

cheating to get your money
by: Anonymous

The whole site is a lie as you can read from others.

My own experiences were corresponding with a woman, who was never there when I proposed to come. I stopped for 1 year just to find 1 year later that the same woman wrote me as if we never corresponded many times before. Just ignore this site

The Dark Side?
by: Anonymous

I created a profile on this site and started a few conversations.

There is a really obvious clue on most profiles of the women on this site. Click through their pictures. Don't a lot of them look like professional photo-shoots? Some women have videos.

This site probably pays some of the women to be active on the site. They are possibly hiring models, or actresses, or very attractive students.

There is no doubt that many of the women are real. Many of the women who send introduction messages to me attach photos of themselves. Lots of these are selfies, taken in poor lighting or with no make-up on. One had a habit of taking a picture with that day's newspaper, too. If woman really wanted to keep you in a fantasy and she's a little past her prime, would she send a current photo of herself?

I brought up how much I had to pay for some of the communications, and on a couple of occasions they acted surprised.

One woman argued. Another was jealous that I also messaged other women. (You kinda have to, to find out who they are, right?) One woman threatened to start ignoring my messages if I didn't respond to her emails faster. These aren't the types of things is generally good ideas in a service industry if the business keeps wanting you to come back for more all the time.

One woman offered to pay for her own trip and the trip was not even to the US. It was to France.

The messages seem genuine enough. One woman makes the English error of using "he" when she means to use the word "it." None of the others do that. Each has a distinctive messaging or chat style and it remains consistent, so these aren't all ghost-written.

But I do know of one profile who seems to forget important details from conversations earlier in the day or seems to have two distinct chatting styles. She also seems to be online 16 hours a day and work a full-time job. I am guessing she's not entirely real, or a partial fake.

There is always a risk on these sites that you run into fakes. Even real women lie about their true interests. (In fact, in real life men and women lie about their true interests, but that's a different matter.)

The harsh reality is that many of these sites are really cruel. There are fakes and flakes. There are some, who work it like 900 numbers and night-jobs. There are real women. And then there are really genuine women who want the right things.

Unfortunately for how this particular site works, it is possible that the woman starts out pursuing a genuine romantic relationship at first. At some point she decides against the man, but she is making money off of the messages and chats. Even better, the man has no way of clawing any of that back from her. These are conflicting motivations pulling in opposite directions here. What to do?

I've had to put console two of them because they were hurt that I was skeptical of them as con artists. It felt like they were genuinely hurt. Or perhaps, they're just more sophisticated con artists who knew how to foil the easy countermeasures.

Who knows, right?

These sites are what they are. People on both sides join for different reasons and a lot of people on both sides can get hurt.

I think that's a fair assessment.

I can't recommend against these sites. Nor can I say all of the women on this site and the others are con artists. But not all of them are entirely truthful either.

Just be careful. Men, spend money to enjoy yourself but don't treat it as a match-making agency. If you find true love, good for you. If you get suckered, don't say I didn't warn you.

[Bob's Addition:]

Mostly pretty good analysis... Only one thing... Many real agencies representing real women do indeed send those women to a professional photographer. There really is nothing dark about that. Hopefully not all such pics are so "glamorized" that you can't recognize the real girl from the picture, but nice pictures sell.

Second add-on thought: From all the analysis the original poster of this article wrote clearly Romance Compass isn't the most upright place, BUT... SERIOUSLY DUDES, if you're paying by the letter, you're probably being scammed (at least by some definition of the word).

Most of the time either the agency is writing on behalf of the women (and the women aren't involved in any way and have never even seen your profile) or the women are actually paid to write.

Romance Compass is nothing but scams.
by: Anonymous

Romance Compass has a few real women on it, but I can say with certainty that 90 percent are not real. A good way to test is to ask them to send you a photograph doing something specific, like holding a piece of paper with your name written on it. If they are scammers, they only have pictures of the woman you think you are talking to and cannot send a specific photo. If they do not send the photo, don't reply to their letters. However, the best way to avoid getting scammed is to just stay off this site. The management of this site knows and supports the scamming... it is the only way it would work. Ever wonder why there is not a section on the site devoted to success stories. IT IS BECAUSE THERE AREN'T ANY!!!!!!!!!!

[Bob's Comment:]

Actually your specific-photo test is flawed. That test would work on what I call the pure "email scam", where some random supposedly Russian woman showed up in your email box saying she saw your profile and wants to get to know you, but doesn't even mention the site where she saw you. In THOSE cases usually the pictures "she" sends are stolen, so she won't be able to send pictures you specifically request.

But in most cases these Pay-Per-Letter scams - and almost ALL pay-per-letter operations involve at least some level of deceit - involve REAL women... the pictures and most of the factual details (name, age, location, etc.) are accurate.

The problem in almost all Pay-Per-Letter operations is one of the following:

1) The girls are EMPLOYED by the agency. Either it's like an actual job, or it's a freelance kind of thing where the agency shares revenue with her.

2) The agency is writing you on behalf of the women - maybe with the womens' knowledge, maybe not. And in these cases you can even find somewhere in the fine print of the user agreement that the agency may send letters on behalf of the women (Anastasia Date and AFA do this).

Not that any of this makes it less of a scam, but the real test is simply see if a site charges by the letter. If they charge by the letter, there's an extremely good chance that one of those two scenarios is happening.

Agency is a Scammer & Most , most women !
by: Anonymous


I feel that I have been taken by this site, from the beginning when I read the website rules I believe it says or implies that their contact information will be given after purchase, I have purchased the contact information for two women, both did not include emails, I have read the previous comments, I wonder? is the contact information they sent me fake ! is the address fake? I am afraid so, I contacted the women and asked why it did not include the email address and they do not really seam to care.
I honestly believe that 90% are fake paid models, when I recently became curious I created a fake profile with a picture of a 85 year old men, I specifically chose this photo " His better day have been over!" to my surprise with in the first 24 hours, most of the beautiful women that were writing to me where writing to him as well, I am 47 years old but this face picture was of a 85 year old man and they did not seam to care. I was able to video chat under this fake ID and this fake photo with a young woman that she had told the real me that she like me, and when I used this fake photo she also told my face 85 year old man that he was very handsome ! I was surprised !
I do believe that there are some but very few women that are real on this website ! but they are still under the full control of this website fraudulent management who are the middle men, even if you purchase their contact information who know what you will get, I am writing this as of July 2016 as a fact!

If you do this
by: Anonymous

You have to pay attention of what you are doing. First of all wend you subscribe to the page you will receive letters of girls in a perfect English. Wend you are writing a letter to be send it will take no more than 4 hours to be responded. And wend you get feedback you will see that that perfect English is going away!!! Simple as that. It only took me few dollars to understand that this is a complete scam. The lady in the picture is a lawyer she pretends to be working on a case on a Saturday morning, then she is on the black sea having fun on the beach and the worst thing is that 3 hours later she can't do nothing but reject a video call because she is homesick but explained in a perfect English. I am very lucky I only spend few dollars.

Dating super models
by: Mateo

If somebody thinks that all of these drop dead -gorgeous-stunning supermodels looking for
some kind of relationship-marriage, etc, then he is brain dead.

No hard feelings. Nothing personal.


[Bob's Comment:]

Follow the money! Yes, if you're on a site where you're spending money on every letter, and on such a site all the most beautiful women you've ever seen are writing to you before you even post a picture... You do have to be brain dead to not see through that!

Having said that... I've seen things work out with "drop dead -gorgeous-stunning supermodel" types... but certainly not on Romance Compass or any other pay-per-letter site.

I once married a girl who bore a striking resemblance to Angelina Jolie, so there's that :)

1st letter
by: Mateo

Hi Mateo

how do you think, man's size important for women?) For me it doesn't matter, I don't care about it. But much more important how man can use his boy ;) Are you satisfied with your size? How much cm do you have?) But, please, be honest with me. Some men love to deceive, I hope you aren't one of them ;) I have heard that man's size is getting bigger year by year. Is it true?


Somebody still thinks this is legit site ?
What a joke !


bad scam
by: Mateo

She never saw me. Not even a photo, but that
is not a problem for "her" to make an offer:

From: Liliya
To: Me
Received: 23 July 2016 01:15

Replied: no
Subject: I hope we can get to know each other
Hello dear!I am looking to meet a person with whom I can build a long-term relationship.I like travelling so much.I wrote you that I want to visit your country in September, answer please if you want to meet me,because I already bouhgt tickets. I can return them if you don't want to meet.
Best regards

Note: This was her 1st letter to me.

[Bob's Comment:]

Is this on Romance Compass? It looks more like one of those random email scams that show up.

Romance Compass is a TOTAL SCAM.
by: Anonymous

Romance Compass is a TOTAL SCAM. Some of these girls wrote to my friend saying they loved his photo that he posted, the problem was that he NEVER posted a photo at all. Others said they thought his job was terrific and again he never posted anything about his job. I actually had a girl write to me, and it turns out that she IS a real friend of mine in real life. They even had the wrong City posted for her. When i asked her if she was on the site she said "NO" they are just using my photos. She certainly doesn't need to be on any site as she is in real life a Professional model and STUNNING. This site is a PIECE OF SHIT !!

Do not ever go near Romance Compass
by: Al


So I have just been scammed by "Anastasia".

At first I was skeptical about this site considering there were mixed reviews so I decided to give it a try with my own precautions so I disregarded any incoming emails.

After spending $85 AUD on credits and sent that user 15 emails I soon received her contact details 4 days later and it turns out that she owned a Facebook account (which she denied in one of her letters) and a account. I tried adding both but she rejected both of my requests.

Then I submitted a report to the website but that didn't do jackshit! Then I saw her instagram and realised the real Anastasia is currently a Miss Ukraine Model and works for Katrin Models and that all the pictures were stolen. Worst part is not just getting my money back but also finding it hard to let it go considering she was so stunning in my eyes but on the bright side at least I know better now. Do not trust anything that website tells you because its all just bullshit!

[Bob's Comment:]

Sorry, I had to remove the ID number you included. It helps prevent me from being sued :)

But a few extra thoughts:

1) "Mixed reviews"? I'm not sure I've ever seen anything but bad reviews. Well, I have soon good reviews, but they weren't even close to believable.

2) I'm glad you learned quickly before your "tuition in the school of hard knocks" rolled up into the hundreds or thousands of dollars, but take the BIGGER LESSON: ANY TIME you are working with a site that charges by the letter/chat/video something like this is happening! So the lesson isn't just "Romance Compass is bad", it's "Pay per letter" is bad. If you're paying by the letter, 99% of the time you're either writing to an agency representative instead of the girl, or the girl is being paid to correspond with you. Seriously, use free sites or sites that charge by the week, month, year, etc. for UNLIMITED communication during that period.

3) An even BIGGER LESSON still is: If you are in pay-per-letter communication with a seriously attractive lady, and she seems willing to write forever, something is wrong.

be careful with romance compass
by: Anonymous

I have a bad experience with this agency.

I spend a lot of money that they make you dream with a real beautiful ladies.

Personal contact and never answer just live your message well I hope my bad experience can stop other guy who dream with a real beautiful woman.

[Bob's Comment:]

Your bad experience isn't with Russian/Ukrainian women, but with PAY-PER-LETTER sites. Yes, if you get sucked into these kinds of sites by the beautiful women writing you, wanting you, luring you into writing LOTS of letters (and thereby spending LOTS of dollars), then it's just a scam.

But if you follow the advice of this site (, which includes "NEVER USE PAY-PER-LETTER SITES", you CAN find, write, and meet many beautiful women.

Now let me walk that back a bit... If you are over 50, not fit, not especially attractive, can't afford a round/trip flight to Russia/Ukraine, etc., and your dream is to meet and marry a supermodel, then maybe your dream is a little unrealistic and you need to adjust a bit.

But chances are really good you can do better there than you can here!

by: Anonymous

Hello, I'm here reading your comments. I'm from Ukraine. It is clear that there are a lot of cheaters, and really it's just a setup, simple photo, beautiful photos of dolls that never will sit and do not lead with your correspondence, mostly they do others.

What is happening in this world is that there are real people in the real world. Everything else is the lure of money. But it is not just a problem with the women's side. How many men cheat women only want to have fun or self-satisfied in his correspondence. It's not me, the fact that many men are tired of his life having come home looking for relaxation, and that's get on these sites or others, and the agency enjoy such and earn free money.

Disgusted by all this, people have forgotten how acquainted themselves and think they all will present on a golden platter. There is no such. See the reality TV!

It is ridiculous if you think an educated 18 year old model looks to correspond with a man 60 years old. Maybe, but you probably will not be able to meet all her wishes since these girls know their value. But of course if a man looks only for a doll and sex, then go for it.

[Bob's Comment:]

*** Dear "Anonymous" - I had to edit your comment a little to make it understandable. I hope I got it right.

The guys here writing about Romance Compass are dealing with something different... 18 year old models WILL happily correspond with 60 year old men forever when the men are paying $10 for every letter/chat. That's the deal here.

Very Suspicious
by: G

I wrote seven letters to one girl and noticed after a while she was not answering many of my questions. So after the seventh letter I did not write, expecting her to write asking where I was. Of course I never got a followup letter. I went to and wow what a difference in the pictures. RC overwhelms you with
beautiful pictures and letters. Thank god I read the online reviews before spending any more money there. You're better off getting a dog or a cat lol.

[Bob's Comment:]

The difference between and RC (and every other pay-per-letter site) is that the site doesn't earn more profit if you write more letters. Instead, it's all "real". They don't hire models to post on the site or send real applicants to their photographer for glam shots, etc. With it's just real women with real pictures. Some of them are beautiful, but those that are don't always have glamour shots posted.

Photog Tricks Definitely A Scam in my Opinion...
by: Anonymous

Hi Guys. I'm a Semi Professional Photographer and does portrait work for as a sideline to my main line of work. I know all the tricks about manipulating photos. Photoshopping as many call it. I came across this site after looking for some inspiration to better my work as a photographer. They are great for getting ideas about different poses and props to use in photo shoots. The most obvious things I noticed was how perfect these women looked.

In real life this almost never happens unless the photos have been photoshopped. Without being more specific about doctoring photos, the main giveaway to this process is how the eyes have been altered and how perfectly smooth their skin is. After studying them a little closer you can plainly see the airbrushing and how their body shapes have been manipulated.

So before you fall in love with a woman on this site the chances are very very high that the photos have been altered in almost every way to make the model look outstanding. There are programs available free on the internet these days where you can almost make a common garden snail look like an amazing supermodel in less than two minutes.

After reading many of the posts here it seems that most of you guys have had nothing but bad experiences with this site and lost a lot of money. So before you grab for your wallet and sign up just remember that a fool and his money are easily parted. This site has all the hallmarks of a very well run scam.

Just wanted to warn everyone that most of these photos are not a true representation of the original photos. I hope this helps you make the right decision for yourself about Romance Compass and many of the other dating sites out there. If it looks like a scam, then it most likely is a scam.

Thanks for reading.

[Bob's Comment:]

Thanks for the informative post from someone who knows a little about the tech end of things.

I guess sometimes the line isn't exactly clear as to when photo editing turns "fraudulent". Who hasn't smoothed out a line or two, or lightened up a dark spot?

But when one alters body shape, well, that seems like it's on the other side of that line.

But here's the thing, and there's just no denying it, GOOD PHOTOGRAPHY, GOOD, ANGLES, and GOOD LIGHTING all really help even if there is no editing.

None of that is intended to defend Romance Compass. I think any time you use pay-per-letter services you're going to run into this.

100% scam site
by: Anonymous

I registered on romancecompass using a different name. I received hundreds of letters with photos attached, some very explicit. Would some so called lady send a photo like that to someone they don't know? I don't think so. I requested to talk to one of these ladies and made a time. The lady then disappeared. Fortunately I have not wasted any money on this site. There are several red flags to identify this as a scam site.

Scam Written All Over
by: Rich H

I met a girl on RC who claimed to be from Ukraine but lives now in Santa Monica, California (Irina, 31 y.o.). Since I live south of L.A. I was happy for such a coincidence would spare me a long flight ticket to Ukraine to eventually meet her in person. After few letters in which she either claimed she was gone in Ukraine for vacation, or had bad internet at home after her return, or busy studying or any other reason in the world, I got tired and lost any desire to continue. She would not even accept a live chat, a request for her contact (done through the site), much less an invitation to meet in person. She also claimed that she moved to US some 20 years ago but her written English was worse than my 8 year old son's. For every unsuspecting guy out there, spare yourself the time and (mostly) money and steer clear of this fraudulent site!

Get off
by: Dominik

Have you ever seen that all girls are like models? Ridicoulous. This is a real cam site. You sign up, write profile like "loren ipsum" and every days you get letters and letters.

100 percent scam
by: Anonymous

Romance compass is crap......

I've been on site years. Even when I took my profile photo down I still got 40 letters a day.

No photo, nothing saying my needs or desire, just a lot of letters. lol

You have busted at least 30 women in lies say they have no emails or social media then i find them all on facebook or vk or on other sites.

It is a scam jump from another website to here.
by: Anonymous

I would not recommend using this site because some of the girls are coming form UADream website (I think you gentlemen heard about this website). Besides, I was a victim that the lady had fake feelings for me. I chatted with her for a half year in UADream and she came to Romancecompass to lure other men just like she did to me. I would stay away if I were you. Besides the service they charge really cutting your throat. NOT all Ukraine or Russian don't know how to speak or understand a little bit of English. Should have waste your money for yourself rather than wasting your money in this site and end up it ruin your life. Lot of social media post that to stay away from Russian or Ukrainian woman.

[From Bob:]

RE: "Lot of social media post that to stay away from Russian or Ukraine woman"

A lot of social media says a lot of crazy crap. If you're going about this by using pay-per-letter sites then you'll probably pay a LOT and get very little in return. But the idea that there's anything inherently wrong/bad about Russian/Ukrainian women is just uninformed blabber.

The artist and lawyer,
by: Anonymous

Spent a long time talking to this lady, thought maybe she was real, on site, got contact details even spoke on phone many times, then phone number changed, paid again for contact details, oh different voice next time, she blocked me, from Instagram, face book she, has multipul accounts on different sites, don't trust this site, all your doing is paying for a reply, nothing more, beware of the sexy artist, lawyer, well I think I will stick with Aussie girls, lol


Well man, for a half hour of your time reading my site for FREE you could have learned here that when you use PAY PER LETTER SITES, this is what happens. There must have been a reason you considered abandoning your pursuit of Aussie girls in favor of Russian/Ukrainian... you probably just need to sharpen up your game to avoid these obvious pitfalls!

And totally shocked of the comments and the review
by: Tony

Hi I have been using romance compass for quite some time. It is very true that they have some of the most gorgeous women on the face of the Earth. After writing 15 letters to one lady there I requested her personal contact information. I was very disappointed by the fact that there was no email address and the phone number was a funny format. I was also very shocked that some of very beautiful women sent me nude pictures. I was shocked that anyone looking for a good woman would want to know that their future wife was so exposed!

Thank you for your review and your information it really helped me to make a good decision. Thanks much!

By the way, any comments about the jump for love website? It looks very similar to romance compass and so many of the women on that particular jump for Love website the same as on the romance compass website any view about it this one thanks much

Sincerely Tony.

[Bob's Answer:]

I don't know about this "jump for love" site (, but I agree it looks a lot like Romance Compass, including even a lot of the same women. It has every red flag that makes me suspicious.

But man, make sure to NEVER pay by the letter. That's almost always a scam even if it looks legit!

Thanks for the heads up!
by: Maximus Decimus Meridius

I was checking out the site, Romance Compass, and unfortunately another 90% scamming site. I was very fortunate because for some reason it wouldn't take my credit card number. I was interested in a Ukrainian lady who is in my country, save me a trip! But, it was just to good to be true, the red flag was, like you mentioned, numerous messages, paying for per fee per email message! Anyways, I'll try "Russian/Ukrainian Women" website and give it a go, I'm not necessarily looking for beauty and the perfect lady, just a real one would be nice! ;).
Thanks again for the heads up!

Fake site sofar with 2 different emailaccounts.
by: Laurens, Lau

I made 2 different email accounts on Romance Compass for a few months now. I put the same favorites in both accounts and still they sent me the same letters. There is no girl who asked me if i have 2 accounts and till now they keep sending me the same letters on both accounts with the same profile photo.

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