Russian Cupid

by Alex

I have tried many sites that belong to Cupid and they are all scams. When you don't get a real scammer then they take over and send you lot of women photos interested in you generated by the computer so that you think you so popular and then want to join.


Beware also of other sites like Elena's Models. They warn you not to send money to anyone so that they sound serious about scams, but they are scam in different ways similar to other sites who send you photos of women to try to get you to join.

Bob's Answer:

Sorry for your bad experiences, but my relatively vast experience with these sites does not bear out your interpretations! As I do acknowledge in my review of Ukraine Date/Russian Cupid there are some fairly predictable weaknesses associated with a more automated system, and I describe those problems and offer suggestions there on how to side-step many of those risks.

I have used Russian Cupid and Ukraine Date to meet many women, but had to side-step many scammers using the tips I mention in my review of those sites. And since I wrote the bulk of the content on this site I met my Russian wife (now ex wife) on Russian Cupid.

As for both Elena's Models and Russian Cupid warning you about sending money so that they SOUND SERIOUS about scams... I'm sorry, but what do you expect? It's a hard world and no one can completely protect you.

Of course, any site for which you sign up will send you automated lists of women in an effort to promote membership. It's a COMPUTER... it sees what you told it you wanted (age, height, weight, hair color, etc.) so it sends you lists of women that match. It's not a conspiracy, just good web business!

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by: Ed Weaver

I have met many women on Russian cupid. They are all scammers!!!!!

[Bob's Answer:]

Funny, I actually met my now ex-wife on Russian Cupid. Although that didn't work out in the long run, she certainly wasn't a scammer. So AT LEAST ONE wasn't a scammer.

And, yes, if you don't follow the advice on my scams pages and on my review of Russian Cupid and Ukraine Date, you could encounter many scammers. BUT, follow my advice on using those sites and you'll be scam-proof.

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