Best Russian Dating Site
for the Correspondence Approach

With so many options available, you will need to know which kind of Russian dating site is best suited to the correspondence approach to meeting Russian women. There are really two main categories of Russian/Ukrainian dating sites that facilitate meetings and correspondence between Western men and Russian women.

One category of dating site is what we could call "Agency-Managed Sites". In this kind of Russian dating site all the women's profiles are actually entered and maintained by a physical marriage agency in Russia or Ukraine, or by a network of affiliate agencies. Also, all communication with women through such sites goes through the agency. If you send a message to a Russian woman through one of these sites, the agency gets the message first, then calls the woman to inform her that a message is ready, then the woman goes to the agency to read the message (or the agency reads her the message over the phone). If the woman wishes to reply, she writes or types her message, gives it to the agency, and the agency puts it in the system to send to you.

These "Agency-Managed Sites" are absolutely indispensable in helping you meet women during a dating tour (i.e. the "tour approach" to meet Russian women), but I strongly recommend that you avoid them for communicating with women you have not previously met in person. The reason for this is that many agencies will actually correspond with you pretending to be the girl you intended to write without her even knowing about it. THIS IS NOT RARE!!!

The other category of Russian/Ukrainian dating site is what we might call "Direct-Connection Sites". These dating sites work a lot more like where the women have access to computers and the internet and post their own profiles and handle their own correspondence.

For the purposes of the correspondence approach you REALLY want the "Direct-Connection" Russian dating site. This cuts the scammy agencies out of the loop. That doesn't mean that you won't encounter scams, but the kinds of scams you will encounter on direct-connection sites are really easy to spot and avoid. Click here to read about detecting and avoiding email scams.

The best of these kinds of sites are, Russian Cupid, and Ukraine Date. The last two, Russian Cupid and Ukraine Date are part of a larger network of international dating sites if you should wish to explore foreign women outside of Russia and Ukraine. That network is Cupid Media.

The real key to these sites is that there is little room for scams. With, Russian Cupid, and Ukraine Date you can exchange unlimited messages with an unlimited number of women for the duration of your membership, and your messages are not monitored or moderated in any way (unless there are complaints) so you can exchange any direct contact information you wish.