Finding a Russian Interpreter

SO, how do you find a good Russian interpreter? Well, you could do a simple web search for "Russian interpreter" and probably find more options than you could ever hope for.

But if you don't want to screen through all those search hits, you can just use my favorites. I don't know very many translators, but the ones I know I would trust to provide good, honest service at a fair price. I either personally know or have used each of these I recommend (I realize I speak of a "list" here while there is ONE, but there were more, and I hope to rebuild the list soon).

My Recommended Russian Interpreter List:

Alexandra: Alexandra is a Russian interpreter who lives in Poltava, Ukraine and provides written translation and spoken (through Skype) translation services, and in-person guide services in Poltava and Kiev Ukraine. Click here to read more about Alexandra's services.