Russian lady never asks me questions

by Oz

I have been talking to a Russian lady for four weeks now and she never asks any questions yet about me or my life. Why would this be?

She thanked me for being in her life. I met her daughter, I have her address and telephone number. We speak face to face on skype. I like her but I'm not sure about her feelings since she doesn't ask me questions.

Bob's Answer:

It is always a little odd when a woman falls for you without seeming to take a greater interest in you.

Knowing only what you say here I can offer a few guesses:

  • Some women don't really need a lot of "information". They can develop a bond on minimal information. And if you're speaking frequently by Skype, remember that she sees your face, your expressions, and hears your voice, etc. She may really be getting a lot more from that than you might think. And a woman who doesn't really get a lot of attention from men may even be more "flexible". So if your girl is older than maybe 35 and doesn't look like a cover model, and you DO look like a cover model and have a good job, then I might believe she feels more of a bond than seems logical to us.

  • She could have ulterior motives that make getting to know you not all that necessary... If she's looking for citizenship or attempting to set you up for a scam, she'll be more interested in convincing you that she's already in love.

For now we just can't tell, so just continue dialog.

Is she from a relatively accessible city like Saint Petersburg, Moscow, or Kiev? If so, plan a long weekend visit (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon). I see that you're from the U.K., so this should be more manageable and far less risky than it would be for a non-European man.

A long weekend meeting would probably answer all your concerns.

Hope that helps!

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