Russian Love Match - scam

by Chase
(Los Angeles, California, USA)

Run by Victor and Victoria - from what I can tell. They act like they are in Russian Mob and the dates are 'paid' to appear - after you pay a fee. Went on 5 dates. Complete scam. And very tough with you if you reject their demand for $1,000's. Run from this company.

Bob's Comment:

Thanks for the report. I've heard other bad things about them, but from reviewing their site it looks like pay-per-letter is the backbone of their service, and that's always a bad sign.

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Yes, I agreeā€¦
by: Jack

Most, if not all, of the websites populated with women from the former Soviet Union websites are scams of varying degree. And certainly, most of the women are being paid in some way to maintain cash flow and profit to the owners. Of course, there may be legitimate and ethical sites which are truly interested in benefiting both women and men who are serious, but I have not found any yet. And don't forget, there are many women and men who come to these sites with no serious intentions, that is, the women are interested in money and freedom, and the men are interested only in playmates.

[Bob's Comment:]

Read my site. Most of what you say is true, but only if you qualify it to mean large agency network sites that push the pay-per-letter, pay-per-chat, pay-per-video type services. They hire gorgeous girls who will draw lots of revenue, or simply pay them a share of the revenue from the letter revenue they generate.

The sites where you pay one price per month (quarter, year, etc.) and get unlimited communication with unlimited women are honest. In those cases there may be scammers among the female clientele, but they are rarely related in any way to the site itself.

Good sites - of which there are quite a few - remove scammers as soon as they are suspected.

Click the "Reviews" link in the left margin and you'll see a few good sites reviewed.

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