Russian Pets coming into U.S. w/ fiancee?

by Mark

I'm so very happy today as Natasha was approved for her K-1 fiancee visa today in Moscow.

I've agreed with her that if at all possible for her to bring her cat when she flies to the U.S. for marriage to me. She got the cat's passport, a chip, shots, and asked the airport and received a second doctors phone number for any needed information.

So, I'm seeking info concerning what to expect once she is in New York at airport with a pet. In Russia the cat is considered baggage under the seat on plane.

But do you know what New York airport and U.S. government law is for the cat. And U.S. airlines. Of course I plan to call a few airlines. Yet I am seeking information. In fact as much as I can get. Natasha should be here in April.

Thank you

Bob's Answer:

My ex brought a cat, but I don't remember the rules, EXCEPT that there is a size limitation for bring the cat into the cabin. My ex's cat exceeded the limit but went in the cabin anyway.

You may want to Google this more, but I found this at U.S. Customs and Border Protection: Welcome to the United States (pdf):

"If bringing a pet, have a health certificate and proof of rabies vaccination from a veterinarian in the country of residence. (The airline may require a health certification for a cat.)"

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