Russian Scam Consultation Service

MANY questions I receive from readers at this site are about whether I think a situation they're in is a Russian scam. If you're new to the pursuit of Russian/Ukrainian women, you WILL encounter scam attempts. Even if you're not looking for a Russian/Ukrainian woman, but are only involved in local online dating you will probably encounter a Russian scam attempt. Shoot, even if you aren't involved in online dating at all there's a chance you could encounter it.

At Russian Dating Scams and all the pages to which it links I carefully describe how all the different kinds of scams work and how to recognize and avoid them.

In addition to that, I have answered many readers' questions about scams posted on this site. To better organize my site, I have moved all the previously posted questions and answers about scams to Russian Scams Q & A.

Is my situation a Russian scam?

So you want to know if the situation you are in is a scam? Here's how you can find out...

Between Russian Dating Scams (and every page to which it links) and Russian Scams Q & A I have addressed almost every conceivable Russian scam question and scenario imaginable. Somewhere in all that material you will see an answer to your exact situation almost down to the last detail.

But if you either don't see your situation addressed there, or if you don't wish to take the time to read through the material looking for it, or if you just want a second opinion, I will be happy to address your specific situation personally IN WRITING.

Since answering individual questions takes my time, attention, and effort, I must charge for that service. However, it will be worth far more than you pay in any number of ways.

  1. It saves you the time searching through the material on this site. Let's face it, there's a LOT of great information on this site about Russian scams and you may not want to take the time searching for the information that is most directly relevant to your situation.
  2. It can give you a peace of mind. If you are even reading this, you don't have that peace of mind now. Are you REALLY in communication with a sincere Russian/Ukrainian woman with honest intentions, but some cultural differences have set off your suspicion? Or are your suspicions warranted? You don't want to blow a great opportunity over a cultural misunderstanding, do you?
  3. And finally, I charge $30 for a consult (details below). ANY scam that my advice will prevent (assuming you follow my advice) will cost you AT LEAST 10 times what I charge, and could easily cost you 100 times what I charge. No scams are under $300, and it would not be unusual at all that a scam could cost you over $3000. Believe it or not, I have heard of a scam where the total came out to nearly $30,000! It involved a girl conning a man into buying her an apartment where they would live together when they were married. Well, they broke up, the apartment was in her name, and she claimed it was hers! Pay me $30 or pay the scammers $300-$30000.

Here's How it Works...

The charge for a personal WRITTEN consultation answering your inquiry about a possible scam is $40.00 (if you prefer to speak live instead of having my written consult, please see Consultation Policies instead).

Just fill out the fields below in the Scam Consult Form, with a thorough description of your situation in the "Message" box. Keep in mind that the more you tell me, the more accurately I can analyze your situation and the more useful my answer will be. Specifically, I will need the following information in order to provide a confident and helpful answer:
  • How did you make first contact? Please provide the full and accurate web address of the site. Who wrote who? Was first contact made by her through direct email?
  • Briefly describe yourself and her: Ages, appearances, professions, health, general financial status, etc.
  • Is there a fee for every letter sent/received (fee can be cash or "credits") or do you pay one price for unlimited communication with unlimited women on the site? Or is it strictly a direct email correspondence?
  • Have you had any voice or video communication (phone or Skype)? If not, why not?
  • What is HER declared level of involvement? Carefully analyze your correspondence... Does she sound fairly "in love"? How far into your communication did she start sounding that way?
  • Has she mentioned a desire to visit you in your country? If so, which country is that?
  • Some sample correspondence can be VERY helpful. It allows me to see exactly what is actually communicated without relying solely on your interpretation. It isn't absolutely necessary, but often very helpful. Feel free to replace any identifying information such as names, locations, and/or contact details with fictitious information to protect privacy.
Include whatever information you wish, but ALL of these things tend to be very relevant, so including them up front will eliminate a lot of back and forth and will help me give you the most helpful answer possible.

Note that while the size of the "Message" box is small, it holds a lot. Just keep typing until you are finished. Or better yet, compose your message offline and paste here.

Now I apologize in advance if this next request comes off a little snobby, but if you saw the stuff people wrote me you'd understand: PLEASE try to write "legibly"... You know, capitalize first letters of each sentence, refer to yourself as "I" not "i", use periods to end sentences, commas to separate list items, etc. I actually receive 500 word messages in all-caps without a single punctuation mark. Sometimes I'm almost surprised that PEOPLEEVENBOTHERPUTTINGSPACESBETWEENTHEWORDS. If I can't understand what you write, I can't help.

And as a little aside, illiteracy is not a quality highly valued by Russian women, so if you're writing to Russian/Ukrainian women using this kind of gibberish and they're still interested, it's a scam.

I'm not asking for literary perfection here, just put a little effort into being legible.

When I receive your message I will email you back with information on how to pay, and when you pay I will email you my analysis. It is important that you enter an accurate email address below.

If I read your message and do not feel that I can provide good guidance in your situation I will simply decline the consult. I won't take your money if I don't think I can help.

If I do think I can help and I accept your case you can expect an answer that resembles those at Russian Scams Q & A in length and thoroughness, and I will answer one follow up email. At my discretion I may answer more follow up emails, but only one follow up answer is guaranteed (hence the importance of including all the information I request above).

Some Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

By using this service you agree that:
  • You understand and accept that I am not a trained or licensed therapist, "life coach", private investigator, psychic, mind reader, or guide, and that any advice I give is simply my opinion based on what you tell me. You can gauge my level and areas of expertise by reading this site. By using this consultation service you accept this level and area of expertise as adequate for your purposes, and you release me from any liability that may result from the advice I offer. You accept my consultation "as is" with no guarantees of accuracy, legitimacy, or outcome (other than that you will receive my consultation).
  • You grant me permission to use your story and questions and my answer on my public site with names and details changed to protect the privacy of everyone in the story. At the very least I will change ALL names, ages, dates, and locations mentioned in your messages to me, and I will not use any email addresses, phone numbers, or other identifying information (Facebook names, Skype names, or PICTURES, etc.) that you provide in the posting of your case.

    Additionally you may also alter names, locations, ages, etc., to protect your identity.

Scam Consult Form

* PLEASE take care to enter an accurate email address, otherwise I can't help! The email address you enter here will only be used for our consult. I will not add it to any other distribution lists.

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.