Russian Travel Scheduling

Scheduling your Russian travel presents different challenges based upon the kind of trip you are planning. If you are following the "Correspondence Approach" as described elsewhere on this site and are planning a trip to visit just one Russian woman, this is all much simpler. You just work the scheduling out with her. The same is true if you are planning to attend a group tour, it's just as easy... you go when and where the tour program goes.

But if your Russian travel is for the purpose of participating in an individual tour where you are meeting multiple Russian women, the best tip regarding scheduling that I can offer is to ARRIVE ON A THURSDAY and PLAN A LONG STAY (MINIMUM 10 DAYS)!

So why arrive on a Thursday for this kind of trip? First let me address the plan most people would probably come up with on their own... Most would probably think they should leave on a Friday. That's what you would probably do if it were a more typical vacation trip, right? Well, if you do that, you will arrive in Russia or Ukraine late on Saturday and in NO CONDITION to have a good date until Sunday. Then by Monday many of the girls you most wanted to meet will be more difficult to schedule, and may not even be able to meet until the next weekend... when you may only have two more days remaining before you leave!

And if you meet Ms. Perfect two days before your departure, you probably won't have enough time to squeeze in more than one other meeting with her.

That's why you want to plan your Russian travel such that you leave the U.S. on a Wednesday. That way you will arrive relatively late on Thursday, and be ready for your first meetings on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This gives you the best chances of scheduling the girls you most wanted to meet early in your trip.

So that's why you want a Wednesday departure, but why the 10-day minimum stay? You won't appreciate this at all until you make such a trip, but trips where you are meeting multiple women (i.e. Individual Tours) zip by in the blink of an eye, especially when you consider the transition time at the beginning and end. If you were to try to make such a trip in one work week, unless you were extremely lucky you would almost certainly not have enough time to narrow your field and have enough multiple dates with your favorites to really develop any lasting momentum.