- Review is an online dating site where one price allows unlimited messages to unlimited women (no pay-per-letter), it's virtually scam-free, they have a HUGE, ACTIVE database, their site has many useful features, and their prices are as competitive as any in the business. In my opinion, it is currently the Gold Standard in international dating.

My experience with them has been top-notch. They are every bit as strict on scammer control as any site on the market, and they're "REAL". In other words, when you post a profile on, the hottest women on the site don't initiate contact before you even post pictures (and usually not even after you post pics). Most of the women who contact you are fairly "average", sometimes a little less :-(.

But DON'T take that as a negative. It's actually GREAT NEWS because it's the best indicator that everything here is honest.

Log in to the site and on the home page in the right margin there is a section for "Contests". Those contests are basically categories in which men vote and the winners are listed there. For example, there are contests for best photos, best bikini pictures, best model photos, to name a few. Click through the photos in those contest and you'll quickly see that most DEFINITELY does not lack for gorgeous women. But to communicate with THOSE women, you need to initiate contact.

Sites where many young, beautiful women initiate contact (especially when they initiate contact even before you have posted a photo) are ALWAYS fraudulent.

Besides being "real" and virtually scam free, brings to the table the largest database of ACTIVE members in this business I have ever seen. They actually have a statistics page that shows the following:

  • 30908 ladies
  • 396 women are currently online
  • 4237 ladies have visited the site in the last 24 hours
  • In the last 24 hours 96 new ladies have been activated and 560 new photos were uploaded by the girls.
These will be different - but surely equally impressive - when you check because they change all the time.

And when I do a search, the Russian/Ukrainian women returned in the search results who have logged in within the past 8 days are labeled as such. And right now when I do a search for women 24-42 years old ONLY IN KIEV, 10126 are returned in the search, and 642 of them are labeled with "Was online within 8 days".

When I remove the location filter so as to have no limit on location, just over 10,100 Russian/Ukrainian women are returned who have been online in the past 8 days.

So their database is not only large, but it's active and recent. And all those statistics I just quoted were up 30% to 50% compared the same statistics I looked up just 6 months ago.

And their prices are among the most competitive in the business. For the "Gold" plan prices range from $10/month to $35/month depending on the length of the membership (if you pay for a year at a time, it's $10/month, if you pay for a month at a time, it's $35/month). And that "Gold" plan gives you unlimited communication with unlimited women (unlike at Elena's Models where the same price limits you to 50 women in a 6-month period on the Gold plan).