Russian Ukrainian My 2 cents

by Henry

I wanted to say a few things about this site since I have had a bit of experience with it recently. And I would like to contribute to the fine store of knowledge on this site.

First, let me say that the review that is on here is very accurate. You will get solicited by very average women when you post a picture. Not by beautiful women.

In fact, I took my picture down and activity stopped completely and then I put it back up and started getting some messages.

One thing I want to note is there are a lot of beautiful women on here, and the majority of them are real. However, there are scammers that slip through the controls that the site has so what will happen you will be conversing with a beautiful woman and then all of a sudden she will be deleted. Or you are engaged in communication with a beautiful woman and she will all of a sudden ask for money.

Whatever you do don't give them money. Be glad you found her out quickly and move on.

Because the good news is there are so many more real and beautiful and educated and sweet women on there. But you have to find them and you do have to win them.

I am currently conversing with several and deciding which one I am going to visit in the Summer. It is a difficult choice. One is a lawyer, another is a makeup artist, another is a secretary, another is an optometrist, and a travel agent. Just real women.

Another thing. These are real women, so some will be friendly some will be cold, some will be pushy and some will be elusive. Some are sweet and some are entitled, princesses. And there is even a feature where the woman can say in her profile if she seeks sponsorship. Sponsorship is a common occurrence in Russia where older Russian men basically keep a mistress with money. Of course, I never recommend going this route. But whatever floats your boat. And at least it is on the up and up so you know what you are getting.

And Russian women really really like to use every beauty product and service and procedure you can think of. So be prepared to be surprised many times.

You will have found a gorgeous woman with awesome photos, and a killer body. Then you do a Skype conversation with her (which I completely recommend), and you will be surprised how she literally just dropped two full points. It can be a shock. Be ready for this. Look for natural pictures in everyday settings. When you text with them ask for additional pictures. The good news is they are usually still very attractive, and almost all of them have rocking bodies.

I highly recommend the site. And the managers are very responsive and helpful also.

I am currently on Zoosk, OK Cupid and Inner Circle, and the comparison is amazing. The opportunities on these three American sites is dismal. And I live in a very good size metropolitan area.

Good luck and I will report more as I get closer to a visit.

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RE: Russian Ukrainian My 2 cents
by: Bob (Site Owner)

Thanks for the review. Couldn't have said it better myself :)

I always say that you WILL encounter scammers of some kind on ANY site, no matter how legit the site or how diligent they are in screening.

But what you describe here is one of my favorite observations: The responses MAKE SENSE. If you're 50-ish, have so-so pictures, and nothing in your profile that makes you really different, women 35-55, with so-so pictures, and nothing in their profile that makes them really different will write!

And, here's another tip you (Henry) don't mention. Maybe you haven't quite experienced it that way... The girls who write who DO fall into the younger-hotter with professional pics... Those are the ones to watch out for.

When an hotter-than-usual girl writes, don't get too invested until you've corresponded for a few days and her profile still hasn't been deleted by management.

Keep us posted! Let me know if you come to Kiev (it's where I am now for long term)

by: Anonymous


Thanks for the comments and good point. If they are after you right away and they are hot looking you need to be very wary.

So you live in Kiev full time? That's cool. Does that make prospecting easier? I imagine it would.

I have been told that it is certainly a bigger effort and sacrifice, but if you live there your chances of finding more available and beautiful women goes way up. Is this true?


Well, you can see almost the whole argument for living in Ukraine (or whatever your target zone may be) at Live In Ukraine, but obviously the chief reason for doing something so crazy is that finding a life partner is important for you and you've come to the realization that your chances at home for a satisfactory outcome on that front are slim!

And LIVING THERE makes the prospecting a little easier, but the real thing it does is make the prospecting REAL. You sidestep all the smoke and mirrors scammers and players and can better focus on REAL people.

Meeting online, especially from great distances, just isn't often a successful pursuit. You have to be there to win!

- Bob

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