Obtaining a Russian Visa

You must travel to Russia to meet Russian women, and that means you must obtain a Russian visa and comply with Russia's customs laws. Some countries of the former Soviet Union are more agreeable than others when it comes to visa requirements. For instance, no visa is required for U.S. citizens to enter Ukraine, Moldova, or Estonia for non-business visits lasting less than 90 days. You just show up with your valid passport and fill out a form upon entry and you are good to go.

BUT, if you are traveling to Russia or Belarus, you MUST obtain a visa before traveling. Fortunately there is a good one-stop resource where you can obtain a a visa to any country that requires it.

Before I describe that one-stop resource for obtaining a visa to Russia, please allow me to alert you about a trap to avoid: If you don't use my recommended one-stop resource (below), READ all instructions extremely carefully to make sure you understand! I say this because I just went through the process of learning that "Russian visa support" is not exactly the same as a "Russian entry visa".

For instance, www.VisaToRussia.com says in bold colored oversized font right on its home page, "RUSSIAN VISA ONLINE". Elsewhere their site says "Russian entry visa Apply Online...", and "we offer express Russian visa online services..." But it also says "Russian entry visas can [only] be obtained at local Russian Embassy or Consulate..."

Throughout the site they use language that creates confusion like this (do they offer visas online, or do they need to be obtained at an embassy?). Please correct me if I am wrong, but www.VisaToRussia.com DOES NOT ACTUALLY OBTAIN VISAS FOR YOU! If you used their service and did not pay CAREFUL attention, you might show up at the Moscow airport immigration/customs line with only an "Invitation" document in hand, but no visa, and would be denied entry (at best)!

OK, so now you know that you must really pay attention when you are obtaining all your legal documents for entry into Russia!

Fortunately, at Visa HQ you can easily check the visa requirements for almost any country using their "Travel Visa Requirements" tool on the top right hand corner of the home page. And for almost any country that requires a visa for entry, Visa HQ can obtain it for you.

You just fill out a relatively simple online form, pay by credit card, and mail them your passport. Less than two weeks later you will receive your passport back with all the required travel documents.

Some countries, like Russia, require that you have an "Invitation" in order to get a visa. This is an official government document normally provided by a registered tour company or hotel that essentially declares to the government that they officially invited you to visit them. Visa HQ can also provide this for a nominal additional charge.