Russian vs Ukrainan women

by Francesci

Hi Bob! I'd be curious to know if you spotted any particular difference between Russian and Ukrainan women in your personal experience, that might be useful to share; about the differences I mainly refer to cultural, mentality, habits, etc...

Thnaks in advance for any reply about it.


Bob's Answer:

I've been to Ukraine far more often than I have been to Russia, but for all practical purposes I haven't noticed much difference in the women's mentality/etc.

But if you ask most Russian or Ukrainian women that they will swear that there's a night/day difference! But as they start to explain, you'll have a hard time following :-)

It seems like you need to actually be a Russian or Ukrainian to fully appreciate the differences that they see.

To me it seems like the bigger difference is between Russian/Ukrainian women from large cities vs small cities (as it probably is in every part of the world). A girl from Moscow may as well be from London, Paris, Los Angeles, or New York... She'll probably (ON AVERAGE) have higher expectations regarding lifestyle/standard of living. A girl from Vinnitsa Ukraine or Poltava Ukraine (or an even smaller city) probably has a better chance of being more down-to-earth and "realistic".

But these are just loose impressions. There are exceptions everywhere.

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