Russian woman coming over to Britain for marriage

by Isaac

There is this Russian Lady coming from Nizhny Novgorod who is looking for a serious relationship... marriage. She emailed me to say shed found my name on a large database called safe haven. She says she works on one of the consultancy firm which now is closed.

Having nowhere to go with no job she decided to visit me in Britain. By doing this she needed few pounds for her traveling. I wired the money anyway and she sent sent me confirmation ticket for her trip.

She seems real coz she explains many things to me even her upbringing. She also sent me different snaps of her. However not her cellphone. She claims that it dropped into bucket of water and no longer works. I offered to buy for her a new phone but she says its expensive to operate phones in her location.... especially international calls.

So I need to find out whether i had been skinned alive.

Bob's Comment:

Yes, I'm afraid you've been skinned.

There is one huge indisputable lie in her story: The cost of operating a cell phone there. In Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc., almost all cell phones operate on a pre-paid basis, AND, more importantly, ALL incoming calls are FREE, even international incoming calls.

A second, slightly less certain lie, is that she does not have a cell phone. Seriously, NO ONE there is without a cell phone, ever. If she dropped one in a bucket of water (come on, you bought THAT? :) she would have had a backup or she would have gone straight to the store less than a day or two later and bought a new one.

Consider the money you sent your tuition in the school of hard knocks, and DON'T send her any more money (unless you haven't learned). And there WILL be an exam... She's going to come back with more stories about how she got in a car wreck on the way to the airport, or while at the airport there was some special "exit fee" that she didn't know about, or SOMETHING.

You're never going to see this girl.

And for future reference, for you and anyone else reading, when an alleged Russian/Ukrainian woman writes saying "I saw you on the site" and doesn't mention the site, even if you ask, OR if she mentions the site but you don't remember ever signing up there... RED FLAG. 99.999999% chance of scam.

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