Russian woman nearly tricked me in to sending money

by Carl
(West London)

I thought she was honest but things started to come together. She was sending the same photos, she looked beautiful, she sounded desperate, a honest women would not send photos every week. Also she said "I love you" before we even met! You cannot fall in love with a strange woman online. She wanted money for her flight to London. The online scams are getting worse. My advice is to meet women in real life not on dating websites. I sometimes wonder if the internet any good?

Bob's Answer:

Well, at least you ended up figuring it out. Not everyone has the common sense to put it together.

If you carefully read my site you'll see that I say that it is not possible for anything good to happen unless a man is willing to GO to the girl's city/country for a first meeting.

Use the web to FIND them, but nothing is real until you meet. And obviously, NEVER NEVER NEVER send money to someone you've never met.

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