Russian woman wants to come to the U.S.

by Ron
(New York Unites States)

I've been talking to a Russian woman for a little over a month who says she is a child pediatrist and we both have seen photos of each other and she wants to come here while she is on vacation and she says she has a full package visa. Her English is a little rough but I understand her. She told me about people like her not getting paid and I checked and found out it was true. I don't know if I should allow her to come and see me.

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RE: Russian woman wants to come to the U.S.
by: Bob (site owner/author)

Hi Ron

I think if you read through many other Q&As, especially in the Russian Scams Q & A section, you'll see this question come up quite a bit. Generally speaking, for many reasons, it's bad practice to make your first in-person visit anywhere but in the girl's own country and city.

And it is true that doctors in Russia/Ukraine are not of the economic class like doctors in the U.S. They're often paid salaries similar to that paid to teachers.

But what does she mean by a "full package visa"? A visa is a visa, it allows one to legally enter the country. If she has a tourist visa it's probably good for 5 or 10 years and allows her to stay up to 6 months at a time separated by at least 6 months away.

I would NOT, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, offer to PAY for her travel expenses. If she hint or directly asks, then you can be nearly 100% that she's just a scammer.

Frankly, if you think this is "real" and want to explore it, you have two options.

1) You visit her, no matter how inconvenient or expensive it is for you. You visit in a way that keep all cash out of her hands. You book your own flight and accommodations (hotel or airbnb) without her help (other than maybe getting suggestions on what location in her city would be best for you to stay to facilitate you spending time together).

2) You let her visit you, BUT COMPLETELY AT HER OWN EXPENSE.

If she is not open to either of these it's because she's just trying to scam you out of money.

I hope that helps!


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