Russian women interested in South Europeans

by Yanis

Are there Russian women interested in men from the South European "bankrupted" countries or are all of them probably scams?

Bob's Answer: I don't really know if Russian women would have any major preference to avoid such countries. BUT I would NOT just suspect that a Russian woman was a scammer just because she showed interest in a man from a country that had economic problems as long as the man had adequate means to support a family and the country was a relatively modern, pleasant place.

That doesn't mean that a woman who is showing interest in a man from such a country is not a scammer, just that this doesn't really prove it.

However, if you thoroughly read my site, especially the parts about scams, you'll be able to quickly and easily get a feel for whether a Russian woman is a scammer or not.

If you have a particular case in mind, feel free to post another question and I'll do my best to answer.

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