Russian women over 40

by Jay

I am an educated professional that earns around $50,000 per year. Do you believe that this would not be considered enough income to attract a 40+ year old Russian woman.

I live in a metropolitan area, and lead a comfortable life (in my perception). I am well above average in looks (age 50), and in fantastic physical shape. Would I be considered as desirable by Russian women,even though I don't make huge money?

I have gotten a bit confused as to what most Russian women view as financial security. In one of your previous comments to a young man (25 years old) living in a small town, with a $40,000 yearly income, it sounded as though that income was too low. Could you please help clarify my concern here? I am looking for women in a different age category, to spend the second half of life with.

Thank you!

Bob's Answer:

Hi Jay

Thanks for writing. I reviewed that post (from Tyler) you referenced and some of the answer to your question is a little similar: Russian/Ukrainian women come in all types.

These questions from you and Tyler are things I really hope to address at much greater length in some new pages on my site, but I just don't know when I'll be getting to that. It really is a much more complex topic than one might initially realize because our cultures differ quite a bit on how we view money. Maybe your questions will help kick me into gear writing more about that :-)

In the meantime...

I'll start with the simple answer: Yes, you could be desirable to Russian women even though you don't make a lot of money. And the fact that you are targeting "older" women probably helps your odds of finding someone more realistic and less demanding, and just easier to please (for simplicity, let's just call those the "good ones").

There are Russian women who have serious misconceptions about what life here is like, and some simply have wildly unrealistic expectations about what their standard of living will be after they are married. You can't afford those (very few can).

Fortunately, those are in the minority and they're usually easy to spot. Just READ THEIR PROFILES with eyes open. They usually say things like "I want to live at high level", "I like beautiful things", etc., those are CLUES. Often they'll say they want a "successful man". Sometimes that means $$$. Some talk about how much they LOVE to travel to beautiful places, and how they look forward to traveling the world with their future husband.

But there are many women in Russia/Ukraine who really are in this for all the right reasons, and if you go in with your eyes open you'll find them easily.

But probably more to your question about what a Russian woman views as "financial security", and more importantly, whether you can afford it, you must consider a few things. When a Russian woman arrives in the U.S. she won't even be legally eligible to work for around 3-6 months. And when she is eligible to work, it'll probably be entry-level work that doesn't pay much.

You know you can afford your life now, but what about when you double your food costs? What is your healthcare situation like? If you have employer-provided coverage, how much extra will it cost you to add her to your policy? If you pay for private insurance how much will it cost you to add her?

For her first year she may not NEED a car, but eventually she'll probably want or need to work, and will probably need a car to get there. Could you provide that?

You get the idea... even if your new Russian wife is as reasonable as any woman on earth and has no materialistic expectations other than to be fed, clothed, housed, and provided necessary medical care, can your income cover that?

If so, then you're probably financially adequate for many Russian women. If not, it may be worth reconsidering your options.

But I have a question: Is there anything you can do to improve your financial situation?

There are infinite opportunities now to earn additional income online, and not all of them are frauds.

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That's EXACTLY what this site is... I traveled to Ukraine and Russia several times, corresponded with many Russian women through many Russian dating sites, and met and married a beautiful Russian woman. All that provided me with a LOT of expertise based on this experience, and I hope I can help other older singles like myself find "greener pastures" in Russia/Ukraine. So I built this site about it, and now this site provides me with a little extra income.

It's worth considering.

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