--- lots (25) emails per day without my profile

by Mike

I created a basic profile with almost all fields blank (except age, 42), and no photograph. My correct age and that's about it. No paragraphs about me and my goals... I'm getting about 25 emails a day from people that could be supermodels. I cannot read the emails, because I just created this to see what is out there and don't want to begin corresponding (currently in the middle of a divorce, unfortunately).

Any idea what is going on? It seems impossible that these are legitimate people contacting me to begin correspondence. Could it be the company sending me "tickler" emails so that I have to pay to open them?

Anyone else have any experience with Searching the internet has mixed information, but mostly positive.


Bob's Answer:

Read my whole site here with special attention to the "Scams" link in the left margin. You're on the right track, except they aren't "tickler" messages to lure you in.

In nearly every "pay-per-letter" arrangement one of two things is happening.

One possibility is that the women are paid a share of the letter revenue they generate. The other possibility is that an agency representative is writing letters on behalf of the women.

If charges by the letter, this is probably what's happening.

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by: Anonymous

It certainly is a scam. These aren't women who want to meet you.

by: Anonymous

If/when you want to correspond with Russian women, for my part I found the better sites to be like U.S. sites.

They're free to set up. You can even get a feel for what level of women you may be meeting. Then you obviously have to pay to send receive and messages, winks, so on.

I used Russian Ukrainian women com. It is good if you have a very nice photo posted. I'd say wear a suit w/light color tie so it shows up.

You want even do searches. You'll get over 100 responses from real women in 1-3 days. It's approximately ten bucks a month if you pay for one year/one payment.

Scammers could be there but; Every woman I've spoken to from this site has offered me info I've been happy to learn. Very nice gals. Some are to eager. And after scams be carful about women pulling you in if you allow it. They will cone after you. Very forward, and clingy to be chosen by you. And it's sad, as many of them are real for what you can tell. Remember that poverty is a big part of this. Marriage=immigration. These are not separate issues with Russian women. They know this. Or most do. It's tricky and your dream girl could be your future nightmare. And you could get super lucky.

Obtaining contact info
by: Anonymous

When communicating on these "pay to email" sites, can you exchange actual email addresses and phone numbers?

***Does anyone know of sites that has ladies actual contact info?

Ages ago, that was the information you purchased (2002). I purchased the ones I wanted to communicate from several sites with and gave it a go and met an incredable person. Now everything seems to be set up as "pay per email" or other such service.

What would be *great* is if there was a list compiled of all the services that allow exchanges of personal info outside of the service at some point. Doubt such a list exists...


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