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I discovered your site late in the game, but better late than never, so I'm thankful there is a place like this site, to provide a barometer to combat all the potential scamming scenarios that exist - Thank You.

As a member of, it took me an inordinate amount of time to admit that the site is probably not legitimate, as it is a letter pay site, and not the type you, or your readers have had good luck with.

I guess I just thought and hoped that I could perhaps find some legitimate women there, mixed in perhaps among scammers, and figure out for myself, a way around the scammers.

Do you think any of the women who use such sites might be "real"? I ask, because a few have felt authentic based on their attention to detail in answering all my questions, and my gut found one in particular ... authentic, if not for her excuses to not exchange contact information.

Unfortunately, I failed to find a way around them at that site, the only site I have ever tried. One of the tell-tale signs that scamming exists there are: after developing months long correspondences with woman there - (one at a time, typically with women who can speak English, and where mutual affection has been expressed by all parties involved - the entirety of ALL such bilingual women members who had expressed STRONG interest in me - they ALL made excuses for why they could not exchange contact information via that site's contact exchange program! Some did not even acknowledge the question, thereby avoiding the subject.

I even resorted to suggesting using that site's contact exchange program in my first response to women who had been expressing one-sided, strong interest in me for months, despite me never having replied to them until months later in my first correspondence to them, AND, not a single one of those women who said they wanted to know me, ever accepted my offer to exchange information, for even something as simple as an email address. Their pattern of not even responding to my desire to exchange contact information, or in the cases where women who had corresponded with me for months - who simply made lame, weak excuses that defied common sense - not a single one accepted my offer, so obviously they are all about money.

My questions are:

Are you familiar with this outfit, and have you studied them?

What type of people pose behind the profiles - house wives or men with good writing skills, who also live in the areas where the American home offices are, or foreign scammers living abroad?

It appears this site originates in London, and it is my guess that given lots of Russians are choosing to live in freer societies like England - over their native homeland, are involved in the vast networks of corrupt agency networks world wide?

Some of their American home offices are not far off, and I wonder what I would find if I paid them a visit, the type of riffraff I might find, and if I would recognize any of them?

I have received what appear to be threats against me disguised as women's emails because they may be rattled by evidence I have mentioned, and I'm wondering where the entities behind the scamming originates?

I have strong skills in survival training, so I'm not all that concerned, but it would be convenient, to have a sense of an answer to this question from you.

With all the scamming that goes on, how is it possible that these scammers appear to be untouchable and operate with impunity in America?

What kind of criminal gangs do you think are behind them ... minimum wage workers, so more skilled foreign labor?

As of this date, which sites do you feel are most honest?

Thank you for being out there amidst all the scumbags preying on people, for I'm tired of these scumbags thinking they can succeed by bullying people.

Bob's Answer:

First, see these other posts:

Is for Real? Continued

Now to some of your specific comments/questions...

I imagine it is POSSIBLE that there are "real" women who use It says right there on their home page that they are "Anti Scam" :)

But really, I suppose there may be sincere girls there. But frankly I don't see how that helps when the middleman remains between you and the girl.

When you're corresponding with girls who don't accept your offer to exchange contact information, even if she is real your message containing your offer goes through that black box.

So maybe your message was altered before it reached the girl such that the request for direct contact was removed. OR, maybe it wasn't, but her reply to you accepting your offer was altered on its way back to you. OR, maybe there IS NO GIRL, but rather just a paid letter-writer at the agency. OR, the girl is paid by the agency to keep the conversation going in the most profitable way possible (and direct non-paid communication doesn't fit the model).

AT LEAST ONE of these scenarios is happening in almost every pay-per-letter exchange.

I have never used or directly investigated Russian Love Match. I only know them generally based on what other readers have said and what I can see for myself on the site. That combined with what I know of other large Pay-Per-Letter operations gives me a very clear picture.

I actually do know that some of these large networks do employ Russian/Ukrainian girls in America, but I would be very surprised if any significant portion of the Pay-Per-Letter work is done outside Russia/Ukraine. I think most of it happens here. It's pretty well known that the industry is a cesspool.

I would think they would also run the dirty part of the operation here in order to provide a sort of legal insulation.

I don't really KNOW where all the scam girls come from, but some place help wanted ads in modeling groups on Facebook. I would suspect that they find a way to network with dancers, strippers, and possibly prostitutes.

I also know that some scam agencies (on-the-ground agencies in Russia/Kiev) often employ many women and are affiliates of multiple different networks. So you could find the same girl on several different sites.

But I've become very pragmatic about this. KNOWING all the specifics about how they operate, where in the chain the actual scam takes place, where they get the girls, etc. is all a useless pursuit.

It's a completely unnecessary expenditure of time, effort, and emotion. It's even more useless when the answer is so easy: If they charge by the letter (chat, video, etc.), they're almost surely dirty, and you'll almost surely no good will come of it.

The SITES that are honest are the sites that are free ( or charge by the period of time ( For those that charge, it works like - you pay for a period of time during which you can have unlimited direct communication with unlimited members.

On THOSE sites you still need to be on the lookout for individual scammers, but in those cases the girl is the one doing the scamming, not the site, and they're usually easier to spot.

(Please post follow-up comments/questions as comments on this post. Make a new post if it's a completely new topic)

Comments for Scamming?

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by: Anonymous

Hello Robert,

Thank you for the quick reply. I apologize for being slow in my response.

Besides the obvious scum bag type, what type of people do you think I would find in their American office parking lots?

It would be interesting to find out, don't you think? For if much of the scamming is being done in America by known crime elements, I would think law enforcement would at least be interested.

One would think that local law enforcement by the on site locations in America, would be attuned to the presence of the sites, and what is going on.

What is your best guess on the type of characters I would run into, for if I make a trip, I want to be prepared.

I'm a hunter, and there is nothing I won't hunt given the motivation, and I kind of like it, particularly in this instance, though obviously I would rather deal with a fair play site that respects it's customers.

I kind of have a code, when people fck with me, I typically fck back.

My apologies for the language, but sometimes euphemisms don't do a word justice for being the most articulate, apt choice, and this is one such example.

You would think the site would let a few customers find success now and then, if only to have some success stories to tell and promote on their site.

Do you know of any men who were ever successful on this site?

Not seeming to care if they have any satisfied customers, makes one question their mentality, and lack of anything good, for surely even these people must have families they have to watch out for, as well as having a few success stories, to allow them to spin a positive narrative that they could back up with actual customers willing to vouch on their behalf, and help combat all the negative publicity that builds by the day.

I feel their are some legitimate women there, based on my experience, but as you pointed out, actually reaching them beyond the middle man is the challenge, and probably impossible.

Regarding my request for contact information - the women usually acknowledge my requests at least by the second time around, but they always have an excuse.

On a side note; I feel I have some pretty compelling evidence that might hold up in court despite their online contract.

Any thoughts?

Lastly, I checked out your top recommendations - that I would eventually like to try, and I thought you would be interested to learn that a handful of women found on those recommend sites, are, or were actually present on Russianlovematch at one time. This is NOT to say that the recommended sites are somehow not a good bet based on your thorough reviews - I simply thought you would be interested in my findings.

I'll keep you posted on my findings.

Thank you.

RE: - Observations
by: Bob (Site Owner)

Actually I would assume that you wouldn't find anything interesting at all in their U.S. office parking lots. And I would not agree that "much of the scamming is being done in America by known crime elements".

Most of the scamming is done in Russia/Ukraine. And it isn't usually done by "known crime elements" (i.e. people with known criminal records, mob connections, etc.).

I have felt your frustration, I really have. I was once scammed out of $180 through pay-per-letter fraud at AFA. I corresponded with a girl in Odessa Ukraine for a few months at $8/letter, 20 or so letters, and then got suspicious and put two and two together.

There are men who write to women for YEARS, spending well north of $10,000 ONLY on fraudulent letters and gifts (no in-person activity). (For AFA's legal team: By "fraudulent" I mean that the girl is not directly participating in the exchanges).

But if you stalked AFA's Arizona HQ office you wouldn't likely see El Chapo coming and going. You would very likely see respectable-looking people.

And if you confronted them, you would probably get a plausible story like "We continually monitor our affiliates for bad actors, and we weed the bad ones out when we find them. BUT writing letters really isn't the way to go about this anyway, perhaps you would like to come inside, have a cup of coffee on us, and let one of our lovely agents tell you about our tours to Ukraine where you can meet hundreds of gorgeous real ladies."

I'm only PARTLY joking about that. I've heard/read many times AFA essentially responding to questions/criticisms/accusations about pay-per-letter fraud by essentially saying "So what, letters really aren't the way to go about finding a real girl anyway, you should take one of our tours"! They almost don't even deny the fraud part.

I talk about AFA here simply because I am more familiar with their operation. It may be "cleaner" than Russian Love Match, but I would expect something similar. And I would be very surprised if you actually saw Russian/Ukrainian women at their U.S. offices.

"Compelling evidence that might hold up in court" - I would be seriously shocked if anything would get any attention from law enforcement, let alone hold up in CRIMINAL court. The kind of fraud/misrepresentation that takes place in this industry is more of a matter for civil law.

If you can afford the $10K-$15K (MINIMUM) for a lawyer to handle your case AND it is worth it to you, then go for it.

The only thing I can see ever working in terms of pursuing this stuff legally is a class-action lawsuit. I mean if a few thousand men conned out of a cumulative quarter billion dollars filing a class action suit against the top 10 pay-per-letter fraudsters, THEN there could be a chance of making a difference.

I've heard that the PPL world is a BILLION DOLLAR/YEAR industry. That should be enough for an enterprising attorney to take on a contingency basis.

RLM women on recommended sites: It doesn't surprise me. The sites I recommend (paid membership sites or free sites, NOT pay-per-letter sites) are open to the public. Everyone posts their own profile, INCLUDING "bad" people. So enterprising scammers can post profiles/pics anywhere. On good sites as soon as fishy behavior is reported the profile is deleted and the person is blacklisted.

There ARE SCAMMERS on these sites. They're just easier to spot and avoid.

Paid Letter Sites/Scammers
by: Mark

Quickly, I'm just another user of the site mentioned above,

Yes stay away from all paid letter sites. Even if the girls are real and fully honest, the site could be ran by a scum bag. He/She may be scamming the girls also just to get the photos. Or stealing their pics, but most likely paying them, or scamming them. Pay per letter is surly a scam every time.

I've been lucky in that I started out on the site I mention above, and I've stayed there. Before I meet Natasha I noted in what I read from women in Russia, and Ukraine some are scammers. More however are serious and very polite.

I'd just move to a site like Russianukrainianwomen com, and start over. And sounds like your up to date on scammers, but if possible always keep an eye out for new info on spotting scammers. You'll likely meet a number of potential women!

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