Scam? I wrote more for you to examine

by Leonard
(great falls, mt. usa)

I wrote to you and had a 50/50 chance of not being a scam. Here is more info. A Russian woman got my info off a dating site. Which I was on a few but never checked them. It was something I explored and don't remember deleting any of my accounts. The 1st email I received I asked who is this and where did you get my info. She told me. Said she just wanted to make friends with people from all over. I am cautious of internet because of scams. She asked if my heart would be open to a long distant friend. I thought no harm in exploring further.

We have been exchanging email letters for over a month now. The first 3 weeks were casual. I have never heard any single woman talk this way. A romantic like me. I have read some stuff on your site and no comparison. After about the 4th week I began to notice our relationship seemed to change. Like a house... foundation was laid then the building was beginning to be built. By the way the pictures she sent to look to span over years. Like she was maturing over 8-10 yrs. Very nice clothing and apartment looks very nice. Said she was doctor for dentistry.

I apologize for the lengthy context

Excerpts from her emails:

**I hope you understand all what I write :) I know that my English is not quite correct. Therefore I apologize for my mistakes :) When I finished school I realized that I want to work in a medical field. And after school I entered The Kazan State Medical University (the Dentist faculty). After 7 years of studying there I received an excellent diploma on "Dentist". An excellent diploma is called red in our country.

The red diploma is the highest mark at graduating from the university in our country. I have been working as a dentist for 4 years, I like my job and I have interesting seminar trips to many places. I go there to get my work experience. Once I was offered a training course in Canada, and I agreed. It was a good chance for me to see the world. After finishing the training courses in Canada I was offered the job in the USA in Nevada. I accepted it with great pleasure. But half a year ago I returned to Russia. And Now I work in a local clinic in our town. Can you tell me how you chose your job?

**I am from a small town here in Russia, I don't want to be alone over there without any relatives or friends! You know, life in Russia is rather difficult, especially in small towns. I don't want to live in Russia because I have not any chances here. There are no perspectives, it is hardly possible to explain but I want you to know my plans. I will be allowed to work abroad! I will work as a dentist. I have an international certificate (diploma), and I want to work hard and change my life! You see that maybe I'm too naive but I still believe in miracles!

**And I believe that it can become the beginning of something new in our lives and in our relations. And I am really happy to get a vacation because it is the time which I can spend in any way I want, and I want to spend this time with you xxxx! So what will you say? Would you like to spend time with me? Would you be glad to meet me? Would you be happy to have the first meeting at your airport? I will wait for your answer with pleasure.

**I can come to you, and we can spend time together if you want. And first I was afraid that if I will tell you about it in the letter, you will write me that you do not want to see me or can not meet me. And it would hurt my heart. But you and I are such good friends, our relations are built on sincerity, therefore you will be happy to spend time with me. And I really think that it would be delightful. So, what you will say xxxx if I offer you a meeting? Would you be happy to see me and to spend several days with me? I cannot imagine at all how it would be wonderful. You would show me your life, we would learn each other in a real life.

** Hi my xxxx! I waited for your letter with fear and with pleasure at the same time! And I am very happy to receive your letter! I am ready to jump and dance, laugh and sing songs! And the reason - you xxxx!

Thank you for your letter and your thoughts. I am so happy that we can meet. Now I have the ocean of emotions and I do not know what to say.

My vacation will begin approximately in two weeks. At this time I can arrive to you. But unfortunately the schedule of my vacation is not flexible. Therefore I hope you will be glad to meet me at this time. If you have not enough time, I will be happy all the same. I will be happy in any case. It is better to wait when you will come from work, than to sit in my apartment and to know that nobody will come!!! Duration of my vacation is 34 workdays. But quantity of days which I can spent with you depends on when I will get my vacation and when I will order the ticket. However at desire I can prolong vacation at own expense. But I at all would not want to leave you :) How many days do you want to be with me? I think preparations for travel will be about two weeks. Complexity of approval of the papers, visa will be reduced to a minimum as I will have petitions and characteristics from a work place, from respected organizations and legal people; guarantee documents and various sorts of the information and inquiry, which will be given to commissions I will get the petition and a testimonial from Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation! Except of that I will pay for preparation for the commission. Every day I think - what my friend xxxx will tell me today, what mood he will have today? And as soon as I get a free minute, I rush to analyses's room to find out if you have written to me or not. And when I receive your letter, I start to smile from ear to ear anticipating the best time of my day - time when I read your letter and when I write to you the all my thoughts. These are the most important minutes of my day. And these minutes I don't hear anything and I don't see anything except of lines and paragraphs which in my mind will be transformed into small movies, movies about you, my dear xxxx. And you cannot imagine at all how it's wonderful! Sometimes I think, what would happen if I have not found the boldness in myself to write you? What would happen if I didn't believe that I could find a man in such a way? I always want to think that I'm a courageous woman, but I feel that actually it is not so. I am ready to give my life for the sake of person who is close and dear for me, I am ready to donate my well-being for the sake of well-being of another person but when I think of myself, I often become timid and all my boldness disperses like the fire's smoke. I am often afraid to make something, to take some step simply because of fear that it will be an incorrect step. I am often afraid to ask people about anything simply because of fear to get the negative answer.

Not always, but it happens. What would happen, if you have not answered my letter? Nothing would happen! And grey monotonous days again would lie on a way of my life by infinite impenetrable veil. Do you want to know what I did today? Firstly, I should tell you that I slept with a smile on my face! At least when I woke up and looked at the mirror, I noticed that I was smiling! Then, I cleaned teeth and I had a smile! Then, I jog and I smiled as if actually I watched funny movie. Then, I cooked breakfast and drank a coffee with a smile on my face! Then, I came to clinic, and I could not hide my smile. I was ready to laugh and I at all had no desire to work! It is a very bad symptom for the pharmacist! :)

Everything around seemed me beautiful and wonderful. And even the severe boss, when saw that I look at him and I smiled, he began to survey himself attentively and even came near to the mirror to see if anything wrong! He thought that something was wrong with his clothes! All the day I worked with the smile on my face! Amanda looks at me and smiles as well.

Of course she understands the reason, and it makes her happy as well! And when time of sleep comes, I will lie in my bed with the same smile on my face! And if you till now have not understood why I smile, I will tell you! I smile because I think of you, xxxx! And it brings me joy! I am so happy that I have in my life such a man as you! Thank you that you are in my life! I have to go. Now I will not have a lot of time after work because after work I will have one more working day!:) You may ask what I mean? The preparation for my trip! You cannot imagine at all how many deals I must do for our meeting! I even have asked the boss to reduce my working day or to allow me to take some hours off in the middle of day to make some things, because after 5pm not all departments work! Of course now I should work in the days off to have more of free time on week-days. But thoughts about our meeting give me force and energy! I am sure that everything will be perfect! I will wait for your letter! Please, write me because I need your letters and support more than ever!

With Love and Kisses!
Always your xxxxx!

Bob's Answer:

Sorry man, but this is definitely a scam, and you're going to be getting that last-minute money request very soon.

And these letters you've included here only make me more confident in my predictions. "Real" Russian women just don't write like this, and they don't fall head over heels in love, dreaming, jumping, dancing, and laughing all day because of the man in their life, especially when the man is someone they've never met in person before.

Also, she says she has practiced dentistry in the U.S. and Canada. But here's the thing... Medical and dental training in Russia is completely unrecognized by U.S. and Canadian medical licensing authorities. And the barriers for foreign-trained medical personnel are lengthy and difficult. Google it.

NOTE: These posts are limited to 10000 chars, so I had to edit your post a little and offer only this short reply to make it all fit. Including this, it comes to 9991 chars!

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Practically the same style of writing:
by: Anonymous

The owner of the site here is absolutely right.

Such a big disillusioned effort, and with romantic words that are uncommon for a common Russian woman to even understand in English.

Is English well spoken in any small town Russia?

Do you see English signs other than American eateries in Russia?

This woman is very emotional, and she hasn't even spoken to you. You are a stranger.
She share too much with you.

It would be her next letter two, this is where she'd ask for financial help.

It is all a scam.

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