Scam websites of Russian brides

by Shahab

My personal experience regarding Russian websites quite the same. I register my self on As soon as I registered letters started pouring in. Most of the women were saying that they were only waiting for me. I posted only one passport size photo in which only my face is shown. But letters which I received started by the words like hello handsome or something like that. I am still surprised how Russian women guessed a person only seeing his face. I checked it by my other method. I started searching the ladies profile on another website named "". But the letters from same women started coming to me from I could not understand the fact as every women on this website say that she is perfect in households. She knows very well how to please her man. Every woman claims that she is hottest in the world. But what else Russian or Ukrainian man wants more because most of the women above thirty is divorcee. Every woman is eager to start chat or video chat. They don't mind your age or compatibility. Most of the women claim to be highly educated and well settled but they are unable to find their matches in Russia or Ukraine. I think most of the women profiles are fake and are being used to grab money from innocent singles who are really searching their soul mates quite fairly. People should avoid to search on such websites.

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RE: Scam websites of Russian brides
by: Bob (Site Owner)

Read the "Scams" section of this site and it will all be clear.

Read the "Reviews" section and find sites that are recommended and this won't happen!

So when you say "most of the women profiles are fake", it depends on what you mean by "fake".

I would guess that on these two sites you mention most of the women writing you are actually real... meaning that the pictures are recent and accurate, that the girl's name, age, location, and self descriptions are accurate. The part you're missing (but you would know if you've read my section on scams - click "Scams" in left menu bar) is that these girls are PAID a share of the revenue from your letters/chats/etc.

I assure you that if you post only one bad picture on no one will write you, and no one will comment on how handsome you are.

Both the sites you mention in your post are "Pay-Per-Letter" sites. is a paid MEMBERSHIP site where you pay a price for whatever length of time you wish and during that time you can have unlimited communication with an unlimited number of ladies -- all included in the price of membership.

In Pay-Per-Letter sites you pay for every letter, every chat, every minute of video conferencing. Note that "Pay-Per-Letter" is just the common name for it, but it's also pay-per chat, video, call, etc.

If you're paying by the letter/chat/video/etc, there's a solid >99% chance you're being scammed. Either the girls are paid a share of the revenue their letters/chats/videos generate, or in some cases someone else is writing the letters on their behalf and the girl you think you're writing doesn't even know who you are.


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