by Robert
(Wisconsin )

Ok so I can't seem to find the thread to a question I asked in a earlier post. I had mentioned to you that I was going to visit a girl in Kiev. I set up dates with a few different women.

The first woman that I met with I had dinner with last night. She is a incredibly beautiful woman. She is 30 years old I am 49 years old. We had a very nice dinner and good conversation. She wants to meet again today and show me around the city.

My question is to address the elephant in the room. The obvious age difference. From everything I've read it is no more common for a woman of her age to be dating a man my age than it would be in the United States. I suspect that she is probably using me for a few expensive meals and more than likely our date today will end in a shopping trip. So my question is. Is this a common practice among Ukrainian women?

Bob's Answer:

I think your previous post was at What would you say about traveling to Paris to meet a Russian woman. It's by a 49 year old "Bob" in Wisconsin. How many could there be? :)

ANYWAY, the the elephant is only a baby elephant, if it's even an elephant at all :)

It isn't unusual at all for a 30 year old Ukrainian woman to be with a 49 year old man. I see it all the time. And given your self description from your previous post it's even less strange. As a well-maintained, low-mileage 49 who is successful in business this age gap doesn't stand out as unusual at all.

Now if you go bringing it up like it is a big deal to you, it might become a big deal to her.

BUT don't white list her yet.

It's ALSO not unusual for girls to be into gig for the goodies.

The way we usually detect that is by communicating before the visit and getting to know her. It's not a 100% solution, but if you're good at reading people and you've gotten to know a girl you can usually pick up on her motives.

BUT, if you don't do that you could easily be dealing with a "professional dater". That's sort of like a "gold digger", except that a "gold digger" is a woman who is serious about finding a man who she will marry, but he needs to be wealthy and prepared to provide her with lots of goodies.

A professional dater is usually a girl who dates for the nice dinners, shopping, and MONEY. One regular staple of the pro dater is the "Taxi Scam". This is where she lives far from the city center (supposedly) and needs taxi fare to meet you.

The reality is usually that she doesn't live that far and just takes a $0.20 USD metro ride ($0.40 round trip) to meet you but tells you she took the taxi for $10 each way (or more if she thinks you'll believe it).

And the things she'll get during the shopping - she may keep them and use them, or she may sell them or return them for a refund after you leave.

It may be too late to fix this with this girl, but it's REALLY a good idea to avoid the shopping trips. And for restaurants, I would advise scouting out places that have reasonable prices where it's hard to run up too much of a bill.

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