She wrote back claiming the "exit fee" is true...


I guess some people still try to stick to the scam. I just told her that I will be traveling to Russia next year with the advice you have on site it won't cost me a ton of money.

If she is real she'll wait if it's not scam. She also doesn't have a phone and neither does her mother. Well just another sign of a scam.

Is there a site for looking up possible scams by pic and name given? I know they can change the pic and the name but from what I've seen some of them ain't that smart to change the scam.

Bob's Answer: No matter how "busted" they are, Russian scammers ALWAYS stick to their story!

Some sites do have scam lists, but your best bet is a simple Google search. Just enter her name in quotes and maybe followed by her city name, like this:

"Anna Miranova" Tver

But in this case I can spare you the suspense without seeing her pictures or knowing her name! She IS a scammer.

I could give you further confirmation if I had more information. How did you establish contact? On what site? Who wrote to who first? Did she seem very "in love" too quickly? Did you trace her IP address? On that last one, see Russian Scammers: Email Scams where I describe how to trace the physical location of most email.

I wouldn't waste any more time writing her, and I surely wouldn't plan a trip to see her. Trust me, with the time, money, and effort you'll invest in confirming in person that this one is a scam you could easily find a REAL Russian woman who is NOT trying to scam you.

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