Should I rent a car when visiting Kiev?

by Kevin
(Ione, California, U.S.)

I'll be in Kiev for 10 days. I'm going there to meet a women, thru your recommended Daisy Marriage Agency. While there I would like to tour the city. Is renting a car in Kiev a good idea?

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Renting car in Kiev
by: Bob (Site Owner)

You should NOT rent a car. I imagine it's available, but I've never heard of anyone doing it. But almost everything you'll want to see and do are walking distance. If your tour is with Daisy Bride I'm sure you'll have an apartment very centrally located.

What you SHOULD DO, if you haven't already, is install Uber on your iPhone/Android and establish an account. And if you haven't used Uber in the U.S., just use it a few times to practice. Uber is practically a must-have now.

In 2017 (in case someone reads this 5 years from now :) an Uber ride to the center from the airport (which is 3X farther than any other ride you would need) is around $12 USD. Almost any other ride you'll need within the city will run less than $4 USD.

And unlike taxis before Uber, you don't need to speak Ukrainian or Russian and the driver doesn't need to speak English. You tell the app where you are and where you want to go, and before you order it tells you the route and the price. And the driver will have the same information, so there's no negotiating price.

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