The Best Single Russian Women to Write

I'm sure you would normally be capable of choosing single Russian women you want to write or meet without my guidance, but if you are new to the Russian women scene then I'm equally sure that the photos of the tall, slim, gorgeous 23 year old women looking for men up to 70 years old might derail your better judgement.

So allow me to offer a few tips based on experience. If you are mainly looking to just have fun, or you have no idea what you want, then selecting the best Russian women for this purpose is a lot simpler... just look for the ones that most appeal to you. But if you have slightly more serious long term goals in your pursuit of Russian women, you need to be a little more careful.

Avoid Gold Diggers

The meaning of this is rather obvious just from the header, but I discuss it at lengh at Avoiding Bad Russian Women.

Be Realistic (no 19 year old supermodels!)

Unless you're just in this for the fun and adventure (and self-torture), BE REALISTIC.

Many men engaging in this pursuit often lose a bit of their common sense when they first start searching the Russian women sites and see all these YOUNG (under 22 years old) women who look like supermodels claiming that they seek men up to 50, 60, and even 70 years old.

Now I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade, and there are certainly exceptions, but these kinds of women are almost never good prospects if you are seeking someone with whom to spend the rest of your life.

In many cases if you're really just a "regular guy" (not extremely rich, famous, or good looking) you probably won't have a shot anyway. And if you are rich, famous, or good looking, these kinds of single Russian women will be more available to you, but it will be for all of the wrong reasons and it will almost surely not satisfy you in the long run.

Women over 30 (at least 25) who are a bit more "real", maybe have one child, maybe speak only intermediate English are much better prospects.

Trust me, the young supermodel-like single Russian women are just the glittering decoys that weed the stupid men out of the gene pool by luring them away from the women with whom they could truly be happy!

Now I'm not taking back what I said on the home page where I said you can "meet many beautiful, intelligent, educated, sincere, single Russian women". You can, and you can meet, date, and marry women who would probably be considered out of your league locally. But these really young supermodel-like women usually are not the "real deal".

Also keep in mind that if you find this scorching hot Russian woman on a "Direct-Connection Website" site other than, you have the added extreme likelihood that the girl pictured and described is not the person writing to you, but rather a scammer who stole the pictures.

Seek Women Over 30 Years Old

Your chances of long term success are much better with a single Russian woman over 30 years old than with a Russian woman under 25 years old (between 25 and 30 is a judgment call). If your goal is to find someone to marry (without an accompanying divorce and bankruptcy), then for the most part you should limit your pursuits to women over 30 years old (even if you meet the stated age preferences in a younger woman's profile).

Please use these numbers only as guidelines. There are many exceptions. Surely there are younger single Russian women with their acts more together than older women, and older women who are just total flakes.

In some cases these exceptions are somewhat predictable... for instance, a 25 year old single Russian woman with a 4 year old child will be forced to grow up faster and will often have a maturity level well beyond her age, and may be a better choice than a childless 32 year old serial dater.

Use Supply/Demand to Your Advantage

Language barriers can be your friend or your enemy! This will make sense if you think in terms of supply and demand. A gorgeous Russian woman living in Moscow or St. Petersburg who speaks fluent English is going to have MANY more men chasing her than an equally beautiful Russian woman living in a tiny, remote city who speaks little or no English.

The language barrier sounds bigger than it really needs to be. It is widely held that English is the easiest language to learn. Almost all Russian women have studied English in school, and so they already have some basis for learning it quickly. Until then, you use a translator.

This may sound farfetched, but a friend of mine went on a "dating tour" around 2000. The girl he met on that trip that he liked the most did not speak any English when they met. During his trip they went on several dates with a translator always present, and at the end of his trip he PROPOSED! While they waited the 6 months or so for her fiance visa to be approved she learned enough English to get by. After she arrived in the U.S. her English improved rapidly. And as of this writing they've been married around 10 years and still act like newlyweds!

Don't let the language barrier scare you! Click HERE to read more about overcoming language barriers.

"Know Before You Go"

If you are choosing single Russian women for the correspondence approach, and if you end up picking a girl from a smaller city, you need to do a better job of getting to know her before your visit than if she is from a bigger city. [Although the correspondence approach calls for getting to know a girl very well before visiting, no matter where she lives].

The reason for this: Getting to know a girl before you plan a trip to see only her (as called for in the "Correspondence Approach") really minimizes your risk of an expensive blind date flop. And in a smaller city, an "expensive blind date flop" is much worse than in a bigger city.

In other words, if you arrive in the small rural town for your meeting with your girl and you both immediately discover that neither of you have any chemistry with the other, you'll have much less opportunity to salvage the trip by meeting other Russian women through local agencies or finding other interesting things to do.