Skype and a Visit

by John
(Orange NJ USA)

I met a Russian woman online and now we have been using Skype to video talk back and forth for about a month. She now wants to come to the USA on a tourist visa. Is this possible?

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RE: Skype and a Visit
by: Bob (Site Owner)

Possible? Yes. Likely? No. Good idea for you? Absolutely not.

Some Russians/Ukrainians are granted tourist visas, but far more are rejected.

But either way, this is by far the worst option for you. Read Avoiding Russian Women Scams.

If you're serious about this, your first meeting MUST be in her city, or at least her country. Any other route, whether it involve her coming to you or you both meeting in a neutral location (at your expense), exponentially increases the cost and the risk of failure.

I cannot possibly stress the importance of your first meeting being in her city, no matter how hard that trip is for you.

And here's the thing: Even telling her that you want to visit her will probably tell you a lot about her motives. If she rebuts with all kinds of reasons that isn't the best idea, then that is pretty good evidence that she is ill-intentioned.

Certainly a scam attempt
by: Anonymous

A normal girl will be afraid to come to visit a guy she only spoke to for a month.

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