Spot Effing ON!

by Ricky
(South Africa)

I live in South Africa and can tell you the feminist culture amongst white women here is exactly as it's described by Americans about US girls. Western culture is very sick indeed and I'm just glad that there's still a place on Earth where good men can go and meet a princess.

I spent so many years wondering what's wrong with me, changing myself and adapting to what I perceived women wanted from a man, until one day I realised there's NOTHING wrong with me, 40 years ago I'd be a catch of note as a kind, family minded, faithful, healthy, successful man. Today my kindness is seen as weakness, my family mindedness is seen as old fashioned and boring.

When I FINALLY, after years of taking the psychological abuse from the westernised feminists that women in South Africa generally are, and feeling utterly not-good-enough, I decided to completely write off western women as the feminist damaged goods they are and stop wondering what's wrong with me.

THAT CHANGED MY LIFE. Now I again walk with my head held high knowing I have something of worth to offer to women who haven't been ruined by feminism and western culture. Feminists think they've done women a favor by giving them equal rights, but the truth is, western women are ruined and also suffer emotionally and psychologically trying to meet a-holes and mistaking that as strength. I hope the myths become cleared up and that every western woman finds the a-hole she so dearly seeks and that every Eastern European woman finds the prince she longs for, the prince discarded by the arrogant, feminist women of the west.

I cannot wait for my trip to the Ukraine in March/April 2013. I don't know what I'm more excited about, leaving western feminist cows in my past and never having to deal with them romantically again, or finding the one jewel I've always been searching for!

Sorry for the essay :) Thank you for sharing your experience so freely. I was going to go with A Foreign Affair until I received a letter from a woman and when I went to her profile she was listed as married/engaged, that's when I smelt a rat and did some research and found this site.

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Jan 22, 2013
Are you ready for your trip?
by: Bob (Editor)

Hi Ricky

I'm Bob, the author of this site. I was just reviewing my site looking for places to add or enhance content and came across your post. Usually I take the occasion of a contribution to add a few comments of my own, but your contribution really didn't need any commentary!

Thanks for such a great contribution!

You said that you were planning a trip in March/April 2013. That's pretty soon... are you still on target?

I really hope your trip goes well!


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