Still not sure if being scammed

by Dan
(Northampton PA USA )

I've been writing letters back and forth with a Russian woman once a day for 3 weeks now. Is it typical that the woman would not have an phone nor computer. She says she goes to the library every evening to write to me.

Bob's Comment:

Well, you're not being scammed if you're not sending money or spending it on services linked with her (like pay-per-letter services).

If you ARE using pay-per-letter services, than already there's a very high probability that things aren't what they seem.

But to answer your very specific question as to whether it is typical for a Russian/Ukrainian woman to not have a phone or computer, no, this not typical, especially the phone part.

I could say more if I knew more, like on what site you met, but now EVERY Russian/Ukrainian has a phone and if they say they don't, it's almost certain that they are lying. Not only this, but they have a phone that can take unlimited INCOMING calls and texts free, even international calls and texts.

That's because nearly all their cell phone work on a pre-paid basis such that the pre-paid credit on their phones only decrease when they make outgoing calls or send texts.

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