The Mystery of The Russian Man

by Ralph
(Lima Peru)

This is a tangent subject for the purposes of this site at best, but after checking a couple internet articles, it seems that the root cause of the Russian men's less-than-stellar behavior toward their women stems from the fact that a large portion of them were raised by single women.

Sound familiar?

I was raised by a single woman (for all practical purposes anyway), so I get it.

But a few factors may change the dynamic over the coming years, that being the relative decline of the West, and, (apparently dormant so far), a reactive rage from Russian men for being dismissed so quickly in this dynamic.

Perhaps some day it will manifest itself by Russian men cleaning up their act and cleaning house.

Bob's Comment:

Possibly, but I've read that it's more the population imbalance. Elena Petrova discusses this in fairly great detail in her ebook "How to Find and Marry a Woman Like Me".

I forget the exact figures, but it seems I remember that in countries of the former Soviet Union there are between 84 and 90 (depending on the country) men for every 100 women. And even though that's about a 45/55 split (for the 84 to 100), the sociological consequences are much bigger, and often cause the kinds of things we see there.

But to take it out of the "egghead" realm, it's pretty simple... Because of the supply/demand dynamics, the men are spoiled. I don't know how things are in Peru where you live, but here in the U.S. the general consensus is that here the women are spoiled. It's less due to a population imbalance than it is to cultural forces, but nevertheless it makes for a tough playing field for the men!

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