The unattractive man issue who has mucho $$

by Chad
(Texas, USA)

This is.., well, I am not one of "those" and honestly I have no problem with getting US women or attracting them - being a professional musician doesn't hurt either HA. What I see in many American women (the attractive ones anyway) is that they are materialistic, selfish, out for themselves and seriously lacking a decent level of morality. I only seek out a Russian woman because I hear they aren't that way at all and also, basically conservative which I am. Not to leave out their apparent (I hear) value of a true family. So far all I see are scam sites. I refuse to spend any money and at this point am about to give it up.

Bob's Answer:

I basically say on the home page of this site that it's far easier to stumble upon scams in the pursuit of Russian/Ukrainian women than it is to find the real deal, but that's precisely the point of my site!

I have been there and learned all those wrong ways to do it and now I have synthesized all that information into this site so you don't have to follow the scam path :-)

And avoiding the scams is really very easy if you just keep a few simple things in mind.

Avoiding Russian Women Scams is probably my best summary of advice regarding avoiding scams, but I would seriously recommend carefully reading through the whole scams section.

But when you say you see only scam SITES, it makes me suspect that you're dealing with a site that charges by the letter. The biggest one of them spends gazillions on pay-per-click ads that show up EVERYWHERE, so they may be hard to miss (I'm avoiding the name so that their lawyers don't find me :)

But here is the simplest rule in the book: NEVER use sites that charge by the letter! Only use sites that charge for a period of time during which you can have unlimited contact with women (basically like your typical

With pay-per-letter sites the women are typically "real" (they exist, the pictures are really of the girl as represented, the name and city portrayed on the site are real), but almost invariably one of two things is really happening:

  1. The site is writing letters on behalf of the girl (with or without her knowledge)
  2. The girl is either an employee or "partner" with the site (she is paid a portion of the letter revenue)

Obviously in either of these cases, whoever is writing the letters has every incentive to keep the conversation going.

But all in all, you don't need to give up yet. Spend some time reading through this site. It really can help you avoid most of the scam crap out there!

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