They are more adorable

by Hugh

Thank you for this article. It explains the phenomenon well without getting into too much anti-American woman ranting like on a lot of international dating topic sites. It's focused and thoughtful.

I am bilingual and with my roots planted in French speaking culture, so I've always been more attracted to non-American women because we have more in common. I have been through some great relationships with American women, don't get me wrong, but most always expressed jealousy that I spoke French and enjoyed that part of my life fully, as much as I enjoy the American side. One even told me to cut it out, like it was something I could just shut off.

I've always liked slavic cultures and languages but what did it for me was meeting and dating a woman from Estonia for more than a year. We fell in love as if we never had loved before and I felt we had a better connection than anything before.

She eventually decided to go back and we discussed this and determined it would be too hard for us to try anymore with our mutual destinies now being split apart.

But I am changed forever and I don't think I can ever again date a women who is not from the Russian sphere. I'm hooked. To me they are simply more adorable.

Bob's Answer:

Thanks for your comments. Avoiding too much anti-American woman ranting can be a challenge :)

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