This is an American woman's point of view you have been reading

by Harvey

I am an American man and I think that the reason we seek Russian women is that they are beautiful and have needs that we can satisfy, such as money and security, and that American women take for granted. So don't be a hater of American women.

Bob's Answer:

Hmmm, I can't let that go by without comment :-)

First, if you read carefully you won't actually find any comments ABOUT American women other than the girls from the school I attended becoming picky princesses as a result of skewed supply/demand numbers. I'm certainly not a "hater of American women". I just don't find the social landscape very favorable here.

Second, I must make one small but significant tweak on what you offer as the "reason we seek Russian women"... We seek them because they are beautiful and ARE AWARE THAT THEY have needs we can satisfy.

Further I would maintain that these needs are not primarily "money" and "security" (at least for most of them). Well, let me clarify... Of course they want a man who will provide and take care of them, AND protect them. I hate to sound so neanderthal, but this is actually the "traditional view" of men, women, and family, and it's one of the things that makes Russian/Ukrainian women appealing. You rarely come across any of them saying in their profiles or in person "I don't NEED a man to take care of me".

Read my Why Russian Women?.

This explains the "why", and "money" and "security" are not in the list.

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