Too Hot Russian Girl

by Damon
(California, USA)

Reading your website has raised my suspicions about a hot Russian girl I've been writing. After only a few weeks she is all over me. She all too perfectly fits your profile of a scammer. Pics of parents and all and friends. Very specific details. I cancelled a transaction of money after reading thru your website. Might not be a scam but very closely fits your profile. Thank you! I've demanded she find Skype or phone or contact will be cut off.

I asked for a pic of her ID which I could have translated. Is there anything else I can do if she continues to maintain that she is real? Thanks again! you may have saved much money and heartache.

Bob's Answer:

You're welcome! I'm glad I could help.

Unfortunately once you reach the point of suspecting a scam, it's time to call it quits.

The reason for this is that once you start showing your suspicion, making demands, and especially demanding various proofs (like photo IDs, etc.), if she was real and her intentions sincere, you will lose her. And on the other hand if she actually complies with the demands for proof, IRONICALLY that in itself is among the strongest proof of scam. See what I mean by "ironic"?

A real girl with sincere intentions would never acquiesce to these demands.

And although you haven't shared many details of your case, if you were already at the point of sending money, surely you were baited into that. That's probably all I need to know to conclude this was a scam attempt.

Now just follow the advice on my site on how to meet a legitimate Russian woman. It really is the case that if you just randomly jump into seeking a relationship with a Russian woman without guidance you have a 99% shot at finding nothing but scams. But if you use a little common sense guided with information on my site, you could go the rest of your pursuit of a Russian woman without needing to even wonder if the girl with whom you are communicating or planning to visit is a scammer.

But whatever you do, FIRST, NEVER SEND MONEY for ANY reason (EVER, even for life/death) to someone you have never met IN PERSON. Actually, never send money to someone even if you have met them unless you are ENGAGED TO THEM (there's a ring on her finger and fiancee visa paperwork has been filed). SECOND, read everything I write about scams. That includes information on Russian Women Questions and Russian Women Advice where other users have posted questions just like yours and I posted my answers in reply.

And my favorite Russian scam summary is Avoiding Russian Women Scams. Read it. Learn it. Live it. :-)

I hope that helps. Good luck and keep us posted!

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