Tour approaches websites are hard to find

by Hugo


Of the approaches you described to meet a foreign woman, I only like the tour approach.

The only website that I found regarding that is

The other ones are more like "dating" websites, where you make profiles and chat with each other. For me, that's a waste of time, because there are so many fakes, it takes so much time, and meeting a girl is just a whole different thing than just writing.

I'd rather pay a bunch of money to a website/agency whatever, then I want to fly there and want the women getting presented to me. Like Korean men, who fly for 4 days to Vietnam and look at 100s of Vietnamese women in bikinis and just pick one.

Point is, I can't find such sites. Most sites are more about dating (aka wasting time) than about "fly there, pick a woman, fly back". I mean, if I want to date and that whole stuff, and let the women choose the man, I don't need to go into a foreign country, I can do that here also with the women of this country who demand way too much.

Do you know such sites?

Bob's Comment:

I certainly understand your preference for the tour approach. In addition to the challenges you list to the correspondence approach is the fact that many girls you meet that way just aren't serious... they may be real, but it is often very difficult to keep the conversation going after just a few messages.

This Russian/Ukrainian women pursuit that I describe and have experienced is much more like the "dating" dynamic that you seem to be trying to avoid... you write first or just visit (i.e. correspondence approach or tour approach), then either way you end up meeting women (or woman) in person, DATE, and see how it goes. If she likes you and wants you, and you like and want her, you proceed to next steps, etc. The biggest difference between doing that locally as opposed to their is simply that the "market" is more favorable... more available, single women, fewer single, faithful, sober, marriage-minded men... You can read all that rationale on my home page.

To answer your specific question: Do I know sites that offer tours where they "present women" to you and you pick? No, I don't. I have never heard of anything like those "Korea/Vietnam" tours your describe in Russia/Ukraine, and I would be very surprised if it existed there.

You are kind of correct in thinking that AFA ( is the closest thing to the "100 women in bikinis... fly there, pick a woman, fly back" concept. I address AFA much more thoroughly at A Foreign Affair - Review and Bachelors Abroad Reality TV Show - Review. On those pages I thoroughly review AFA and thoroughly address how their group tours work.

The women are instructed to remain at their tables while the men circulate table to table, meeting the girls, and trying to get phone numbers/email addresses with those that interest them. The idea is that after the socials you contact and arrange 1-on-1 dates with the girls you met. But from that point it's back to the dating concept... if she agrees to the 1-on-1 date, and if she enjoys the date and likes you, she'll go on another date... etc., etc., etc., but won't be flying home with you.... at least not then.

Another alternative is the individual tour, which you've probably already read about. The downside on that front now is that the only site that offered that in a very widespread, organized way, the Angelika Network, is out of business now.

But many of the individual affiliate agencies of the Angelika Network are still in business and offer the same great tour packages. One is Daisy Bride in Kiev. Unlike the group tours, with this kind of tour you go to the agency and select the women you want to meet from their database, they contact the women, show them your pictures and self-description, and ask if they are willing to meet. If they will meet, the agency schedules your meeting... usually a lunch, dinner, coffee, or soemthing else. So you could have 3 meetings/day, then decide who you want to have second meetings with.

But again, it isn't like the "100 women in bikinis" concept.

Anyway, I hope that helps!


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