New: Ukraine/Kiev Tour Support!

Many times I have been asked by readers if I offer any kind of tour services in Russia/Ukraine. Until now the answer has always been "no". But now I am in Kiev Ukraine and able to offer hands-on Ukraine tour support for visitors. At present this service will only be available in Kiev, but if there is demand I will explore the possibility of expansion.

Why Kiev?

Kiev is the capital and the largest city in Ukraine. U.S. citizens can travel there with only a passport - no visa required (sorry, I don't know Ukraine's rules for other countries). It has a large international airport and a beautiful and very condensed city center where everything is within walking distance.

And if you're communicating with Ukrainian women online, odds are pretty good many of them are in or near Kiev. Those who don't live there can get there relatively easily and inexpensively. Even most of Western Russia is less than a two hour flight from Kiev.

Kiev may be even better if you aren't already in communication with a Ukrainian woman. There are many services ready to help you meet women there who are sincere and serious about finding a man.

In any case, if you have to pick ONE city in Ukraine to visit and use as a base-of-operations, KIEV IS YOUR BEST PICK!

Oh, and do web searches on "countries with world's most beautiful women" and "cities with world's most beautiful women". Ukraine and Kiev will be in almost EVERY LIST, usually near the top.

The toughest part about seeking a Russian/Ukrainian woman

Probably the most daunting thing about seeking a relationship with a Russian/Ukrainian woman is the DISTANCE, especially for men who aren't in Europe. Email, phone, text, Skype, and Viber can only take you so far, then you either need to get on a plane or lose your chance with a potentially great prospect.

Seriously, NOTHING is really going to happen if you won't GO.

But traveling to Russia/Ukraine isn't like traveling to Disney World or Las Vegas where:
  • Your phone works
  • All your electronic/electric devices work
  • Your money works
  • The customer is always right
  • Everyone speaks English
If you aren't a fairly seasoned international traveler, Russia/Ukraine can be a difficult place to navigate, especially for Americans.

It's even worse if you're not all that sure about the Russian/Ukrainian woman's intentions. Is she going to scam you to death? Is she going to lure you someplace where your organs will be harvested for sale on the black market?

OK, I'm joking about the black market thing, but you are fairly vulnerable if you are traveling to Russia/Ukraine to meet a woman (or women) and you rely completely on her to take care of things for you.

You need a friend

What you really need is a friend there; someone who can meet you at the airport, take you to your hotel or apartment (and maybe help you find that hotel or apartment in advance of your visit), show you how/where to exchange your currency for local currency, help you get and set up a local SIM card that will work in your U.S. cell phone, where to shop for necessities, where to go on dates, and just tell you how things there work, etc.

Depending on the build-up to your visit, this "friend" usually should not be your woman or anyone she suggests or recommends. It should be someone you found on your own. That way there's no room for collusion and you can meet her with a peace of mind knowing that her motives are more likely sincere. And then if her motives turn out to be insincere, you can still salvage the trip.

If she's "real" she might even be impressed with your ability to get there and set up without her help. That kind of independence comes off as "manly" to them.

My Service

I am now available to be that "friend" while I'm in Kiev. In the rare occasion I am not in Kiev the same support will be provided by a trusted local associate with some remote support available from me.

You have to arrange your own flights and accommodations (I can help with that for an additional fee), but I can meet you at the Kiev airport with a driver, ride with you to your apartment/hotel you arranged, then we can stop at a cell phone store to pick up a SIM card that will work in Kiev for your phone, show you around the area, and generally give you "The Orientation".

The on-site tour support package includes:

  • Airport pickup at KBP/Boryspil International Airport. Note: You pay for the taxi from airport to your hotel/apartment (around $12-$16 in early 2018)

  • Help acquiring, setting up, and using a Ukrainian SIM card for your phone (if you use your normal cell service you will probably run up a hefty roaming bill)

  • Taking you to your apartment or hotel (you have to set up the apartment/hotel, but I offer an additional service of arranging it for you)

  • A walking tour of "Maidan" (Independence Square) and Kreschatyk Street where almost everything you'll need is located. I'll show you where and how to exchange your currency, buy groceries, and the things to do and see.

    [NOTE: This walking tour is centered around FUNCTIONALITY. In other words, I'm not showing you the museums, art galleries, cathedrals, and other touristy things. I will be showing you things you NEED to know, like restaurants where you can take a date and not get scammed dry.]

  • Help to schedule your ride back to the airport at the end of your visit.

Additionally when you book my tour support and pay the deposit I will send you my written travel guide that will function as your "prep list". It will guide you through the things you would need to know before you travel. Some of this is already included on this site (see "Russian Travel" in the left menu bar), but the guide will be more up-to-date and thorough.

Support after the initial setup and orientation

The bulk of this service (airport pickup, phone setup, and walking tour) will take around 2-3 hours, but my support package includes a total of 5 hours of support (including the airport pickup, phone setup, and walking tour). After the initial part of the service you will be on your own, but I'll be on call if you need me for whatever time remains after the initial orientation. For this additional "on call" time I can either offer consultations by phone, Skype, or in person.

Additional Charges for off-hours and over time and support

If you need more support during off hours (between 10PM and 9AM) or beyond five hours, I charge $60/hour for that time. This time is billable in 15 minute increments, rounding to the next 15 minute mark (0.01-15.00 minutes is $15, 15.01-30.00 minutes is $30, etc.). If the support requires my physical presence then my commute time is billable at the same rate.

Price, Payment, and Refunds

The price for my tour support is $300 USD. It only includes my time and expertise. It does not include any airfare, train fare, lodging, or introductions to women.

A deposit of 20% ($60 USD) is due and payable via PayPal prior to the date of your arrival in Ukraine. The remaining 80% ($240 USD) is due in cash upon arrival. Please have exact change as it will often be difficult for me or my associate to provide change.

The cash due on arrival can be in US dollars or UAH equivalent based on market exchange rates at the time (Google "exchange rate usd uah" - or just click this link)

Upon receipt of your deposit I will send you the travel guide mentioned above.


The deposit is fully refundable for cancellations more than 72 hours prior to the scheduled arrival date/time. After that time no refunds of the deposit or on-site cash payment upon arrival will be given except in the highly unlikely case where I (or my associate) are not able to greet you and provide the agreed upon service. Of course in this case the deposit will be refunded (and you won't have paid the on-site cash portion).

But don't worry, we WILL be there!

NOT included...

Just to be clear, the following things are not included in the tour support package.

Support Outside Kiev: At this time my service only extends to Kiev. If there is demand for it I will explore the possibility of extending the reach of this service to other cities in Ukraine and other countries. If your trip is to another city in Ukraine I would be happy to provide some partial support remotely, but you must understand that my "reach" is limited. If you get lost in Odessa Ukraine I can't help! If you're in Odessa and need a consult by phone on some situation, I may be able to help.

Introductions: At this time my service does NOT include any introductions to women. My service is intended to be of benefit to you if you have met a woman (or women) online or via other means, or if you intend to come to Kiev first then search. You can read my site or schedule a consult if you want to learn more about the various ways to make your own connections.

Interpreters/Translators: I can help arrange an interpreter for you, but you will work out price and details with her/him (almost always the interpreter is female).


To arrange for this service, please complete the contact form below. Enter your expected travel dates and any questions you may have in the "Message" box. When I receive your message sent through the contact form, I will email you instructions for payment.

PLEASE be sure to enter an accurate email address. This form sends an auto-responder email acknowledging that your message was sent. If you don't receive that email within a few minutes, check your spam folder. If it's not there, you may have entered a bad email address.

*** Reviewed/Updated January 2019 ***

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