Touring Ukraine

by Alex
(Orange County, Ca.)

With all the turmoil that was taking place in Ukraine, how safe is it to travel there at this time?

Bob's Answer:

Good question!

The "official" U.S. Government answer can be found at Ukraine Travel Warning.

It basically says that Crimea is the place with the greatest risk.

But generally, life on the ground there isn't really quite as volatile as it looks in the news. It's almost business-as-usual. I would guess that one's greatest risk would be delayed travel in or out of the country IF Russia does expands its mission beyond Crimea. But even then, I doubt that the risk would go beyond inconvenience.

Personally, I might wait another month. If there isn't any new BIG NEWS, like Russia taking it's conquest efforts beyond Crimea, then I'd probably feel safe enough to make the trip.

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